Dec 31, 2013

This was 2013~

Hello sweeties <3

2013 is finally coming to a close. It was a year of many ups and downs and I am somewhat glad that the year is finally over. But now is not the time to think about the bad things that happened. As today is the last day of 2013 I want to recount the good things that happened this year :)

* After 6 years I was finally able to travel to Japan again :3
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* In July I was able to travel to Tegernsee again and had an awesome time with Vanilla and my girls <3

* Could be a part of Vanillas team at the Hanami <3 Thank you again for letting me be your shopgirl :-*

 * Got my hands on many dreamdresses this year :3

* Had a great photoshoot with an  awesome photographer :3

 * Had many revealing moments about myself...I think I got a step closer to the person I really want to be :D

*Went to the Innocent World Teaparty with my girls and had an awesome time :-* Love you girls <3

* Had another great photoshoot in Stuttgart with my lovely ladies from Stuttgart <3
* Had many many awesome meet-ups in 2013...even though the weather wasn't always on our side ;)

*After a long time of contempalting I finally bought a DSLR <3

*got closer to people I knew for a long time and just met one year ago <3 I am so glad I have you in my life <3

Hm~ this year wasn't as bad as it felt x"D Still there were too many downs for it to be a good year but as this year is ending I will not cling to the bad things that happened and start the year 2014 as a new person. Well, this may sound cheesy and old but I really think that the start of a new year can also be a new start. It may just be another date in the calender but it may damn well also be the start of a new life ;D Thus I already made up my mind about my new years resolutions...or lets say things I want to achieve in 2014 - This is my promise to myself that I intend to keep by all means!

* Finding my Prince Charming.
* Don't overthink everything anymore and just live the way I want to live!
* Jump over the invisible walls that I created myself and realize my dreams without fear.
* Loose some weight and don't give up when it isn't going fast enough x"D
* Visit Japan and maybe find a way to stay there longer *^*
* ...well, all in all I want to find happiness :D

What are your wishes for 2014? Do you keep them small or are you also having wishes that at the moment seem unattainable? Don't worry, a wise man said "It is not because things are difficult that we not dare, it is beacuse we do not dare that they are difficult!" In 2014 I will try to live after those words even more than before ^^

How are you celebrating New Years Eve? I am going to Nezumis place and we will have a great evening with some DVDs, fangirling and some good food :3

I am wishing all of you a great New Years Eve and an awesome start into the year 2014!



  1. Hey, ich wünsche dir, dass dein neues Jahr viele Ups & nicht so viel Downs beinhaltet :)
    Feier heute schön & rutsch gut rein!
    Wir feiern mit Freunden bei denen zu Hause, werden ein Feuer machen, Stockbrot backen & einfach Spaß haben.

    1. Danke :) Wünsche dir auch ein tolles Jahr 2014 <3
      Silvester mit Freunden ist eh immer das Beste :3

  2. Ich wuensche dir einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr, Gesundheit, Glueck und das all deine Wuensche wahr werden <3
    Ich werde auch 2014 weiterhin treu deinem Blog folgen (^o^)

    Alles, alles Gute von mir :)

    Ps. Die Bilder sind alle so schoen *.*

    1. Danke <3 Ich wünsche dir auch ein tolles Jahr 2014 und natürlich, dass alle deine Wünsche wahr werden :3
      Ich freue mich so, dass dir mein Blog gefällt *^* *sich geehrt fühlt*

  3. Dir auch ein frohes neues Jahr und alles Liebe für 2014! ^w^ <3
    Das ist ein schöner Rückblick und ich wünsche dir ganz ganz viel Erfolg bei deinen Vorsätzen. :3

    1. Danke <3 Hoffe du konntest den Start ins Jahr auch genießen :3
      Ich bleibe definitiv an meinen Vorsätzen dran...wäre ja gelacht wenn ich das net schaffen würde *hehehe*