Dec 19, 2013

It feels like Christmas~

Hello sweeties <3

Due to work and the overall stress before Christmas it took me pretty long to get in the Christmas mood ^^" Last weekend the spirit finally hit me when we went to the Christmas Market in Esslingen and so I thought I could also finally do a Christmas post with asking you some questions? I will answer them myself too, of course ;) 

How do you celebrate Christmas? Do you have any special traditions?
We have loads of them that never change *hahaha* On the 22nd or 23rd the Christmas Tree will be decorated and we prepare plates of sweets for everyone. We also watch fairytales the whole time. On the 24th we have a special Christmas Dinner with Linsen and Bratwurst as it is a traditional meal in the Ore is supposed to give you riches in the following year. The 25th and 26th mainly consist of eating xD

What do you love most about Christmas?
I love getting presents but for me the greatest thing is to finally see my family again and to see their happy faces while unwrapping the gifts I selected for them ^o^ Just spending time with my loved ones is the greatest thing at Christmas :3

Do you decorate your home for Christmas?
I do *points down* ;)

Gingerbreadhouse of was my first try and it looks more like a shack but well...I kinda like it so I use it as decoration XD
I have this snowman since like can put incense inside and he starts to smoke his pipe :3 And of course the nutcracker belongs to Christmas as well ^o^
Not in my room but I love pyramids like that...they remind me of home *_*

Do you have a favourite Christmas movie?
Mine would definitely be "3 Hazelnuts for Cinderella" - I watch it every year and still love it to death *_*

And last but not least - a non Christmas song that reminds you of Christmas? Why?
For me it is "Key of the Twilight" from .hack/sign by Kajiura Yuki. In Japan I heard it all time during Christmas and while burning incense cones and eating the Christmas Cake my mother send me. In my mind it is connected to Christmas forever :)

Maybe some of you will answer my questions and also post about them :) 

Have a nice day everyone <3



  1. 3 Hazelnuts for Cinderella / 3 oříšky pro Popelku is my favourite Christmas fairytale ever ! Without it - there won´t be the right Christmas atmosphere, I think =D everytime I miss it on tv I have to play it from dvd...this year I hope my mum will bring the dvd with her so we can watch it in czech here in Germany =D ha ha
    How is the name of the horse and owl ? I´m really curious, because in czech it´s Jurášek (horse) and Rozárka (owl) =D

    1. Without that fairytale there is no Christmas :) In Germany they changed the name of the horse and owl. The owl is called Rosalie...but I forgot the name of teh horse *hahahaha*

  2. Ich hab auch einen Nussknacker (noch von meiner Oma) und er schaut mich gerade an. xD Finde die echt toll.
    Und Pyramiden auch. <3 Das erinnert mich immer an meine Kindheit, da hatten wir zu Hause auch noch eine. Jetzt leider nicht mehr, weil sie irgendwann kaputt gegangen ist. :/

    1. Also manche Nussknacker finde ich ja supergruselig @@ Wir haben so einen daheim und vor dem hab ich Angst seit ich klein bin xD