Dec 26, 2012


Hello sweeties <3

Christmas is nearly over and I wanted to give you some impressions of what I did during the last days. Unfortunately it didn't snow and the temperatures are really "tropical" compared to what I am used to in winter.
Our cute little Christmastree with all the presents...unfortunately they weren't all mine *joking*
Presents <3 My brother got me Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days...I can finally play it *hahaha* I also got one of my favourite scents from Bath and Bodyworks as fragrance mist from my parents - it is called Warm Vanilla Sugar and it smells so delicious. Of course I also got loads of sweets and chocolate and really delicious wine from my grandfather :)

But the most awesome thing you can see below *points down*
A snuggle blanket from Sheepworld - it is so fluffy and cuddly and just downright pure awesomeness <3 <3 <3
This is the motive of the blanket <3 It says "I am an angel...but I can be different!"
My Christmas Outfit :) I decided to wear my Paris Window JSK as it has Angels on it and I think this is a rather christmassy theme :)
My mom and I also went for a little walk and I wanted to see the illuminated christmas decoration in our village but unfortunately the lights weren't lit on Christmas Eve...and that is really sad T^T
And some other outfits I wore during the last days...I love my bear hoodie <3 It is so fluffy and comfy and cute <3 I bought it at a store called New Look~
Village taken out of a fairytale...even without snow it is beautiful :)
<3 <3 <3
Hope you also had a really awesome Christmas :)
Have a nice day~

Vanillas Traumfabrik Giveaway

Hello Sweeties <3

there is yet another giveaway that I definitely cannot pass over because it is by my cute Vanilla <3 <3 <3
You can participate here ;) again this is a German Giveaway but I think it is possible to also take part from abroad :)

Hope you'll have a nice December 26th <3 <3 <3

Dec 24, 2012

Happy Holidays~

Hello sweeties <3

It is finally Christmas Eve today *yay* This year went by so fast and so so so many things happened that it really seems unreal ^^" I need to make a post about all the great things that happened this year soon *hahaha* But now is not the time for that, for now I just want to say...
Hope you have an awesome Christmas with your dear ones :)

My day really started great *points down* and I think it will get even better...celebrating Christmas with the family is the best :)
 T^T Thank you so much for that Valentine, I seriousaly am moved to tears right now <3 <3 <3 Best start of Christmas Day someone can get :)

Enjoy your Day~

Dec 22, 2012

Pre-Christmas Presents/Haul

Hello sweeties <3

I am finally at my parents place *yay* Yesterday I had to sit in the train for 8 hours @_@ But for celebrating Christmas with my family I would drive 12 hours to be honest :) So happy to visit my family again after 3 months *yay*

But I am not here to talk about my trip home, yet ;) I want to show you some presents I already got from my friends <3 <3 <3 Here you go~
Two pairs of awesome Earrings from my Secret Santa, that was not that secret *hahaha* Thanks to Emilielynn and of course my cute Vanilla <3 <3 <3 You both are the best *hugs* 
Also got a matching mint nail polish. It is from the P2 Color Victim series and called "Who cares?"...I really like the P2 nailpolishes as they are really opaque and longlasting ^^b
Koo-chan gave me this awesome eyeshadow from the Essence LE Fantasia in "Not Ivory but Ebony" and this delicious looking essence nailpolish in "Cookie Love" :3 When it comes to drugstore make-up I think my favourite brand must be essence *hahaha* They have really great products ^^b

And I also got myself some small things:
P2 Eye Dream eyeshadow in"happy day time" and *tadaaaa* your eyes don't play tricks on you, the Zuckerschnute Lipbalm from I have everything *har har har* I absolutely love that scent *O*

I can't wait for it to be Christmas Eve~ Celebrating with the family and delicious food <3 <3 <3
What are you doing for Christmas? Do you have some special traditions?

Have a nice Saturday~

Dec 18, 2012


Hello sweeties <3

Woah~ only 6 days left till Christmas and at work hell broke loose *hahaha* Well, I think it is normal at this time of year that everyone needs something during the last official working days but I am really exhausted already ^^ 
Buuuuut anyways, I am not here to talk about how stressfull work is at the moment. I want to talk about our Christmas Meet-Up on Saturday. First thing I have to say -  it was totally awesome and everyone looked so beautiful *O* This year Emilielynn, Koo-chan and me prepared something really special for our local community. We reserved a room at a restaurant called Dampfnudelbäck and also held a Tombola and played Bingo with really awesome prices, if I might say so myself ;) Over the last few months we slowely bought all the prices for the games and I think they were pretty well received :) And although some people couldn't make it to the meet-up last minute, it still was really awesome and loads of fun <3 <3 <3
All the presents we bought :)
I contributed this Bonnet by I am not the type for those kind of Bonnets I thought it would make a nice present...and the winner of that price was Koo-chan (also took the above pics from her page ;D)
Emilielynn was so kind to lend me her Perfume Bottle JSK by Meta...thank you sweetie <3
I NEED the Perfume Bottle JSK *O* And I kinda want RHS now (the ones I am wearing are koo-chans *hahaha* Borrow-Galore ;D)...cross your fingers that I will find some of my dream dresses in Japan in April :D

What did you do last weekend? Did you already celebrate a Christmas Party with your friends?

Thanks for reading and have a nice evening <3

Dec 16, 2012

Giveaway Shades of Ivory

Hello sweeties <3

It is Christmastime and there are many many giveaways out there :) Shades of Ivory is holding a really awesome beauty giveaway that you can find here. Her blog (and giveaway) are in German but as long as your residence is in Europe you can take part in that giveaway :)
The awesome prices :)
You can enter the giveaway if you follow her blog, post about the giveaway on your blog and you can earn additional points if you post about it on check it out ;)

Hope you have a nice evening~

Dec 12, 2012

Paris Hilton Passport

Hello sweeties <3

Last week I went to Stuttgart again to do some shopping and found some really nice scents for really little money at a discount perfumery. They are from the Paris Hilton Passport Collection and I already love them to I also wanted to share them with you ;) I think there are three scents in this series, that was launched last year I think. And normally you can buy them at Douglas for around 15€...lucky me got them for only 5€ each ^^v

This is called "in Paris" and it smells really sweet and warm. Perfect for winter and the holiday season in my opinion :) 

This one is called "in South Beach" and this is a real summery smell. Fresh and sweet at once, really nice for a summery day...but I will use it the whole year *hahaha*

The third scent is called "in Tokyo" and I really thought I would like that scent but I didn't like it at all so I didn't get it. But if you find these three scents I think you should definitely check them out as they are really nice scents for little money ^^

Have a nice day~

Dec 11, 2012

Fancy Egg

Hello sweeties <3

While browsing some blogs I stumbled accross the new print by Metamorphose on Quini's blog. It is called Fancy Egg. At first I really had to laugh about the name because what is fancy about an egg? But when I saw the print I instantely wanted it...for some people it might be to overloaded with stuff but for me it is just right...and there goes the intent to only look out for more classical dresses from now on *hahaha* I just can't seem to get away from all the über-sweet prints ^^" But here are some pictures of the new print :)

 I really can't decide which version I like best...I think every version is really cute. although I have to say that I probably like the babydollish version in green the best...What do you think about that print? Is it to much? Would you wear it? I think it is really adorable and hopefully I can find it in Japan next April :3

Have a nice evening :)

Vegan Christmas

Hello sweeties <3

On Saturday the local Lolitas had a Christmas Meet-Up in Stuttgart. This time we went to the vegan cafe Coox and Candy in Bad Canstatt. As it was really really cold we didn't do anything else instead of eating and chatting xD Of course we also took some pictures but as the lighting wasn't that good on Saturday the pictures came out a little weird ^^" Nonetheless I still want to show you what I wore that day...and of course I want to show you that vegan food is not all about salad and fruits ;)

 It was already later and my hair did what it wanted ^^" Still like my hairdo alot :)

Vanilla Latte Macchiato and a cherry cupcake *om nom nom*

Really like that picture of myself :)

Without glasses (I am blind xD) 
OP: Baby - Blouse: ebay - Tights: H&M - Shoes: Secret Shop - starclip: Chocomint - Roses: Claire's - Earrings: Chocomint - Necklace: ebay

Look who came all the way from Franconia <3 my adorable girls <3 <3 <3 Can't wait for our own Cristmas Meet-Up on Saturday :)

Hope you have a nice and not so stressfull day today~