Dec 6, 2012

Saint Nick brought me an Octopus

Hello sweeties <3

Hope you had a nice day and Saint Nick brought something nice for you. As the title of this post suggests I got one of the most awesome presents evar <3 A selfmade crochetted octopus in...PINK - who would have guessed that *haha* I got it from one of my dearest friends <3 Thank you soooooo much :3 It is so awesome *O*
Gnihihihi~ isn't it adorable? <3 And the postcard is awesome as well...matches me perfectly xD And *om nom nom* Almond Chocolate :3

I also had some other things in my mailbox second order of Bath and Bodyworks products made its way to my porch ;) I am seriousely addicted to their products...and I am sad that BBW only sends to the US and Canada...and that people elsewhere have to pay more for the products...but anywaaaaaays~ the products are definitely worth the price ^^b
Four products for me and some others as presents...won't show them for obvious reasons ;)
1. Pocketbac "Cinnamon Raisin Cookie" - Smells delicious and really christmasy, like cinnamon and raisins, as the name already says xD
2+3. Plum Potion and Spider Cider Lotion - yep, from the Halloween Collection but whatever, they smell awesome, especially the Spider Cider is a smell to bath in *hahaha*
4. Pink Chiffon Lotion - a really flowery and perfumy scent *thumbs up*

Last but not least I want to share my current obsession, well I already shared it in my October favourites but this song (and anime at that) is soooooo awesome *here goes*

So~ that is all for now, have a nice evening <3

Until next time ^^//


  1. Aww, der Oktopus ist ja zum Knuddeln *___*

    1. Der ist sooooo genial *O* Ich liebe ihn~

  2. hey!!!! i did not know about your blog and is soooo cute!!! would you like to follow eachother? i'm following you :)

    1. Awww~ thank you ^^ You blog is nice as well :) I am following you as well~