Dec 18, 2012


Hello sweeties <3

Woah~ only 6 days left till Christmas and at work hell broke loose *hahaha* Well, I think it is normal at this time of year that everyone needs something during the last official working days but I am really exhausted already ^^ 
Buuuuut anyways, I am not here to talk about how stressfull work is at the moment. I want to talk about our Christmas Meet-Up on Saturday. First thing I have to say -  it was totally awesome and everyone looked so beautiful *O* This year Emilielynn, Koo-chan and me prepared something really special for our local community. We reserved a room at a restaurant called Dampfnudelbäck and also held a Tombola and played Bingo with really awesome prices, if I might say so myself ;) Over the last few months we slowely bought all the prices for the games and I think they were pretty well received :) And although some people couldn't make it to the meet-up last minute, it still was really awesome and loads of fun <3 <3 <3
All the presents we bought :)
I contributed this Bonnet by I am not the type for those kind of Bonnets I thought it would make a nice present...and the winner of that price was Koo-chan (also took the above pics from her page ;D)
Emilielynn was so kind to lend me her Perfume Bottle JSK by Meta...thank you sweetie <3
I NEED the Perfume Bottle JSK *O* And I kinda want RHS now (the ones I am wearing are koo-chans *hahaha* Borrow-Galore ;D)...cross your fingers that I will find some of my dream dresses in Japan in April :D

What did you do last weekend? Did you already celebrate a Christmas Party with your friends?

Thanks for reading and have a nice evening <3


  1. Aww that sounds great. You look absolutely angelic! This is a really busy time of year for sure. I'm counting down the shifts I have left at work until I get a few days off!

    1. Thank you ^///^

      Yep~ it is totally busy atm...but fortunately I only have two working days left and than I can finally visit my family again *yay*

  2. Replies
    1. Einer muss den Job ja machen xD

      <3 <3 <3

  3. Tolle Idee mit der Tombola und dem Bingo!
    Sehr hübsche Bilder, vor allem das erste. Eure Blicke + das Licht von den Kerzen *o* toll

    1. Danke ^^ HAt auch ne lange Vorbereitungszeit gebraucht bis wir alles hatten xD

      Danke <3 Sind die engelhafte Orga *hihihi*