Dec 11, 2012

Vegan Christmas

Hello sweeties <3

On Saturday the local Lolitas had a Christmas Meet-Up in Stuttgart. This time we went to the vegan cafe Coox and Candy in Bad Canstatt. As it was really really cold we didn't do anything else instead of eating and chatting xD Of course we also took some pictures but as the lighting wasn't that good on Saturday the pictures came out a little weird ^^" Nonetheless I still want to show you what I wore that day...and of course I want to show you that vegan food is not all about salad and fruits ;)

 It was already later and my hair did what it wanted ^^" Still like my hairdo alot :)

Vanilla Latte Macchiato and a cherry cupcake *om nom nom*

Really like that picture of myself :)

Without glasses (I am blind xD) 
OP: Baby - Blouse: ebay - Tights: H&M - Shoes: Secret Shop - starclip: Chocomint - Roses: Claire's - Earrings: Chocomint - Necklace: ebay

Look who came all the way from Franconia <3 my adorable girls <3 <3 <3 Can't wait for our own Cristmas Meet-Up on Saturday :)

Hope you have a nice and not so stressfull day today~


  1. oh my xD auf dem foto sehe ich furchtbar aus lol

    1. Und das bildest du dir nur ein ;D

    2. Doppelkinn geht gar net!!!!!!!

    3. Ich würd mir wieder mal per Photoshop die Zähne Colgate Weiß machen. xD

      Btw. mag ich das Kleid echt an mir. Die Farben gefallen mir.
      Danke nochmal fürs Leihen! <3