Dec 26, 2012


Hello sweeties <3

Christmas is nearly over and I wanted to give you some impressions of what I did during the last days. Unfortunately it didn't snow and the temperatures are really "tropical" compared to what I am used to in winter.
Our cute little Christmastree with all the presents...unfortunately they weren't all mine *joking*
Presents <3 My brother got me Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days...I can finally play it *hahaha* I also got one of my favourite scents from Bath and Bodyworks as fragrance mist from my parents - it is called Warm Vanilla Sugar and it smells so delicious. Of course I also got loads of sweets and chocolate and really delicious wine from my grandfather :)

But the most awesome thing you can see below *points down*
A snuggle blanket from Sheepworld - it is so fluffy and cuddly and just downright pure awesomeness <3 <3 <3
This is the motive of the blanket <3 It says "I am an angel...but I can be different!"
My Christmas Outfit :) I decided to wear my Paris Window JSK as it has Angels on it and I think this is a rather christmassy theme :)
My mom and I also went for a little walk and I wanted to see the illuminated christmas decoration in our village but unfortunately the lights weren't lit on Christmas Eve...and that is really sad T^T
And some other outfits I wore during the last days...I love my bear hoodie <3 It is so fluffy and comfy and cute <3 I bought it at a store called New Look~
Village taken out of a fairytale...even without snow it is beautiful :)
<3 <3 <3
Hope you also had a really awesome Christmas :)
Have a nice day~


  1. Sehr hübsch. :)

    Mir gefallen deine Outfits total, vor allem die Bärchenjacke. Und die gleichen Stiefel von NewYorker hab ich auch. xD

    1. Danke ^^

      Die Bärchenjacke ist sooooo genial *_* War ein echter Glücksgriff weil in D findet man so süße Sachen ja eher selten ^^"

      Und die Stiefel waren runtergesetzt da musste ich die einfach mitnehmen XD

  2. Deine Outfits sind wirklich süß! :3
    Oooooh Kingdom Hearts ToT
    Der Teil ist wahnsinnig toll, anders als die anderen, aber auch richtig schön =(
    Viel Spaß beim Spielen! :3