Dec 4, 2012

November Favourites

OMG~ it is December already...I have the feeling that the year just started and now it was over in a flash *haha* And it soon becomes time for a look back on this awesome yet somewhat weird year *haha* But for now let me show you my favourites of the month November :3

1. Anime
The anime is called Suki te ii na yo - it is so beautiful and one of those anime that make me cry of happiness or anger or sadness...really touching and cute <3 It is different from the other anime I am watching atm as far as genre goes *haha* But sometimes you need a teen romance that makes your heart beat ;)

2. Scented Candles
These are from Bath and Bodyworks and they smell so awesome *O* The left is Mint Chocolate and the right one is Frosted Tangerine Cake...and at the moment I am burning Marshmallow Peppermint <3 <3 <3

3. Bath & Bodyworks
I finally bought my first BBW products and they are amazing *O* The Pocketbac (warm vanilla sugar) in the front I am using all the time because I love the smell of it soooo much xD The showergel (Winter Candy Apple) smells exactly as the old formula of Herbal Essences...and there I thought I never smell it again *happy* Love that scent <3 <3 <3 The lotion is called Charmed Life and it smells really great as well *all thumbs up*

4. Glittery Eyeshadow
I love glitter and especially around the end of the year I get drawn to it *haha* This one is called White Unicorn from the P2 metal eyes eyeshadow line.

5. Cinnamon Lipbalms
This one is from Cadeavera (german drugstore Müller's homebrand) and it is in the scent (?) orange&cinnamon. Smells so nice and keeps your lips awesomely soft ^^b

6. My pink Wig
 I was literally wearing this wig all the time when wearing Lolita last month xD I love it so so so much <3 It is from the brand Lockshop. Check out the shop ^.^ (I wore the above outfit on Saturday for a friends birthday and she called me her personified birthday cake *hehehe*)

I hope you have a nice and not so stressful day <3


  1. Das Outfit von Samstag ist voll hübsch! :)

  2. Ich hab mir den Lidschatten heute auch geholt ^__^ Bin mal gespannt, wie er aussieht :3