Nov 28, 2012

Mini-Haul and great News

Hello again ;)

I did some shopping the last days but as I am saving for something big at the moment I only bought some small trinkets and stuff...I still didn't receive everything I ordered online but for now here is what I got the last couple of days :3

A headwarmer-thingy from Angelic Pretty - bought it Second Hand at Closet Child. I will probably wear it to our Christmas Meet in around 2 weeks :3 I love the little bows on the side <3

Two necklaces from ebay - Both were only 1,50€ *yay* I bought it at Joytownonline. They have many cheap at cute pieces but the quality can be really bad for some items...the necklaces I got are pretty sturdy though ^.^ Also bought some awesome Chocomint Spoon Earrings at Closet Child :3 Aren't they the cutest?

Loads of Showergel xD the Nivea one is from the regular line and I forgot the name xD DuschDas Winter Beauty is a Limited Edition so I bought three because I love the scent <3 Baleas Sweet Wonderland is also a Limited Edition and it smells like chocolate pudding *_* And of course I also got me some Zuckerschnute Deodorant as I am a sucker for that particular scent xD Last but not least I bought a mild shampoo that is actually meant for little girls. It is called Sternenzauber and it helped my scalp a great deal so far ^^b

What did you get during the last weeks? Did you get something big or also only some small things?

Oh~ I nearly forgot about my big news *duh*

I will go to Japan for two weeks in April - that is the reason I am only buying smaller stuff because I will need all the money I can get to do some shopping in Japan *haha*

Hope you have a nice day <3


  1. Ohhh wie schön!
    Ich freue mich für dich *-*

    1. Danke <3
      Kanns momentan aber noch gar net richtig glauben xD War soooo lang net da...hab richtig heimweh *hahaha*