Nov 1, 2012

October Favourites :3

Hello there~

recently I have been watching many many vlogs and among all those videos some especially caught my attention: The ones where people talk about their monthly favourites :) And as I think this is a great way to get some inspiration I also want to share my favourites, not only in beauty but in general.

1. Fairytales (old and new ones ;D)
If you love the old-fashioned circus that still keeps its mysteries you should definitely read that book :)
Grimms Fairytales...autumn (and winter) are the time for fairytales in my opinion :) Got this awesome book for only 5 Euro at the bookstore...I love the design. They made it look ragged on purpose and that gives it yet another special charm.

2. Anime
Zetsuen no Tempest - a story of mages and revenge

K Project - 7 Kings with psychic power, a murder case and craziness to the max *thumbs up*

Sword Art Online - reminds of .hack but it is far better imo xD

Kamisama Hajimemashita - Just a cute anime about a girl who suddenly becomes a god~

3. British TV Shows
Whitechapel - Crime series about copycat murders at Whitechapel.
Doctor Who Season 7 <3 <3 <3

4. Beauty
Smells delicious and is so great for my skin ^^b
Never thought much of blushes before but really love this one <3
Love them soooooo much :3 If you can find it at your place go get you a stack of those *hahaha*

5. Nature <3
 The leaves are turning colors, the temperatures go down and the world becomes a romantic and mystical place...I just love autumn with all it facettes <3 Taking a walk in this scenery is just the best ^^

So, what are your favourites in October? 

Have a nice day~


  1. Cute favs. Have you ever watched Clannad, Air, Chobits? They're fun and cute animes.

    1. I always wanted to watch thise anime but I never came around to actually do it XD I probably should watch the asap *hihi*

  2. !Thank you for such great post! Great review!!!

    Welcome to my blog!

    1. Glad that it gave you some inspiration ^^