Nov 8, 2012

It smells like marzipan~

Hello my sweethearts <3 

So, last weekend I went to Franconia to visit koo-chan, as I wasn't able to attend her birthday *sad face* To make up for it we actually planned to take some autumn pictures but the weather planned otherwise xD So we had no other choice as to go shopping (as if XD) But we still took some pictures of our outfits although they didn't came out as good as it was already getting darker and mobile cams aren't that great with darkness ^^" You can find koo-chans entry about our shopping trip here.

Here is a more or less good picture of my outfit ;) It took me a while to figure out how to put my wig up like first I tried one strand of hair at a time until koo-chan told me that she just puts her hair up by trial and error and sees if it looks I did the same and ~tadaa~ it worked ^^b I also tried out my Blooming Garden-headbow for the first time...and it only works with a wig, else your head gets eaten xDD
JSK/Headbow: Metamorphose - Cardigan/Blouse: Bodyline - Shoes: Secret Shop - Tights: C&A - Necklace/Earrings: Chocomint - Roses: Claires 

Close-up of the gorgeous <3

And here is what I got myself :3 Just a tiny haul~
Earrings for one Euro each bought at KIK...I tried on the ones with the pearls and the pear suddenly came of after one quality isn't that great but not a big loss for the money ;)

Perfume by Essence called "like a first day in spring" for only 6 Euro *yay* It smells really florally and that scent ^^b And also a pen-thingy for eyeshadows xD

Shower Gel and Bodylotion by is the winter Limited Edition and it smells so so so great <3 Especially the version with Cherry and Almond :) That is my favourite~ As always you can find Balea at any dm-drugstore.

Thanks for reading!
Hope you have a nice day~


  1. Du, hast du abgenommen? Du siehst schlanker aus auf dem Bild!
    Sehr süßes Outfit, ich mag auch deine neuen Ohrringe!

    1. Ich hab ehrlich gesagt keine Ahnung xD Kann schon sein, mach ja nu regelmäßig Sport...aber da ich mir noch keine Waage angeschafft habe, hab ich keine Ahnung ob es was bringt *hihi*

      Danke <3 Ich liebe den JSK einfach *hach* Und die Ohrringe gibts immer noch bei KIK :)

  2. Yellow suits you so weel! You look sooooo beautiful! *-*
    The tour eiffel pierces are lovely!

    1. Thank you sooo much <3 I love that print so much and yellow is starting to grow on me more and more *hihi*

  3. love this! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  4. Love your blog, I just followed you, hope you can follow me back !


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  5. soo kawaii : ) love Your look! i falled in love with dress!!!


    1. Awww~ Thank you ^^
      The dress is a dream come true *hehe* One of my favourites~