Nov 22, 2012

Hello, I am Alex..or a Lolita Fashionshow :)

Hello sweeties <3

Finally I can talk about our second Lolita Fashioshow *yay* And this time it was not as tiny as the last one *haha* We were fortunate enough to "perform" at a real convention called TiCon <3 And it was a really great experience :3 Not only did we walk in the fashionshow we also held a panel and the response to our outfits and presentation was really great...made me really happy ^o^ And I am so proud of my girls <3 <3 <3 Best Lolita Community EVAR! And *hehehe* someone was nice enough to tape the fashionshow ^^b It is German only though...but you can see our outfits...somewhat xDDD

Yep~ I am not the sweet lolita for once ;) I borrowed the dress, hat and cutsew from koo-chan as I only have sweet in my closet *hahaha*
Picture taken by JK925
JSK/Hat: Alice and the Pirates - Cutsew: don't really know xD - Socks: offbrand - Shoes: Deichmann - Wig: Lockshop

It was a really fun experience and I hope we get the chance to do something like that again in the future *fingers crossed*

Thanks for reading <3

Have a nice evening ^^


  1. Ahhh, owie cool, oh wie cool *_____*
    Das Panel ist ja echt toll gewesen *gg* Und die Penner-Geschichte kannte ich auch noch nicht XD
    Hübsch habt ihr ausgeschaut <3

    1. Danke <3

      Ja, die Pennergeschichte hab ich auch fast wieder vergessen gehabt xD Denk da nie dran *drops*

  2. Ich fands toll :) Wirkst zwar am Anfang ein wenig nervös aber ihr habt das toll gemacht :) Sowas sollten wir für die YukiCon auch mal haben-.-"

    1. Ich glaub wir waren am Anfang alle ein wenig aufgeregt XD Aber was mir auffällt ist, dass ich gar net mehr wie ein Schlumpf klinge...irgendwie kling ich voll anders O.O

  3. the show is really nice! you guys look awesome! I wish we had conventions big enough to do something like that because our lolita shows are always kinda.. lame :D

    there is a cute giveaway on my blog! maybe you would be interested, have a look! :3
    Stella's Ice Age - Giveaway~

    1. Thank you ^^ I am so proud of us that we did that and that it came out great :)

      That's a really nice giveaway ^^ Definitely will take part~