Apr 29, 2012

My favourite Accessories

Hello my sweeties <3

A while ago I was tagged by Anni to do the Accessory-Challenge...but I only now realized it xDD But I'll do it nonetheless...better late than never XD"

Here are the rules (in German):

- Verlinke die Person, die dich getaggt hat, in deinem Tag-Post.
- Zeige immer nur eins, maximal zwei deiner Lieblingsstücke der jeweiligen Kategorie.
- Erzähle uns, wieso du gerade dieses Stück ausgewählt hast.
- Tagge 5 3 weitere Leute und gib ihnen Bescheid.
So here are my favourite accessories :) 
My favourite bag:
Pink bag from Claire's *_*  Because it is PINK xD

My favourite shoes:
Don't really have favourite shoes but atm I like to wear these ^^ Atm I totally love wedges and these kind of shoes xD
My favourite shawl/scarf:
So cute and warm and comfy :3
My favourite necklace:
Because after a long search I finally found that cute birdcage necklace xD
My favourite ring:
Ring of Cliaddagh - never leaves my hand for long...brought me luck since nearly 10 years now ^^
My favourite earrings: 
As I don't wear earrings, I don't have favourite ones XD

My favourite bracelet: 
Well, I wear whatever fits the outfit no favourite there...most of the time I even forget wearing a bracelet at all XD

My favourite perfume: 
Egoiste by Chanel - so great <3
Yes~ I know it is a male perfume but I love to wear it nonetheless xD

My favourite nailpolish:
I don't wear nailpolish xD

My favourite hair accessory:
Awesome hat for summer :3 I totally fell in love wth it and you can also put different flowers on *points up*

And now I gonna have to tag three people *thinks* Well~ I choose Emilielynn, Vanilla and *thinks more* everyone who wants to to it ;)

Only through hard times we can cherish happiness~

Hello my sweeties <3

Yesterday was such a great day *_* The sun was shining, it was really warm (I could finally wear the sundress I bought at H&M some weeks ago :3) and me and a friend went shopping~ Although my feet totally hurt at the end of the day it was really great to visit Stuttgart again! Also there were two things that totally boasted my confidence that day: 1. a woman complimented my outfit and asked where I bought my petticoat and 2. I was called beautiful by a total stranger...why can't everyday be like that *sighs* But well, I will not be complaining *hihi* Only through the hard times we can cherish the happiness we I right? ;) But well, I know that you all want to see some pictures and here we go~ Enjoy ;)

Sundress: H&M - Hat: Loevenich - Shoes: H&M - Necklace: New Look - Bracelet: Orsay

Apr 22, 2012

Rainy Day

Hello yet again xD

Yes, yes~ I am posting pretty much this weekend but I kinda feel like it so bear with me today ;)

So~ today I wanted to go to Ludwigsburg castle and see the "Blooming Baroque" (the park surrounding the castle is decked out beautifully with all kinds of flowers and stuff) but as soon as I arrived in Ludwigsburg the weather got bad and it was as if the world was having a new great flood...and as if the rain from hell wasn't enough it also started to hail pretty badly. But at that time I haven't given up my plan on seeing the beautiful park...I still had hope that the weather would get better xD But when I arrived at the park the weather hadn't changed and I only got really cold so I decided to go to Stuttgart and get myself a Bubble Tea...after that I was so tired and freezing that I just went home. Nonetheless it was a rather inspiring day...on my way through the rain I saw the city of Ludwigsburg in a different light (I really like how everything looks different and still beautiful in the rain) and had many great ideas for some drawings:) Maybe they will come out rather good and I'll show them here...but just maybe xDDD
Only picture I took in Ludwigsburg...the weather was just to bad...but still I like the kinda "lonely" feel to that picture ;)
Todays Outfit...I don't have a Tripod (yet xD) so I couldn't take a picture of myself xDDD
Chamwhoring Part 1 xD
Camwhoring Part 2 ;) How you like my hair? Don't have a Headpiece for my new JSK yet so a rose it was xD
Thanks for watching :3 

About the small things...

Hello  Sweeties <3

Today I feel really creative and I thought I could put together a kind of "inspirational" picture. In this picture I try to show "things" that make me smile even when I am really down and depressed. Most of these things can't really be grasped with your hands but without them I would be much much more emo ;)

~The wind in my hair while taking a walk - Boys Love (my secret love *hihi*) - Looking at old ohotographs and dreaming about the past - Spring (especially in Japan with the cherry blossoms) that brings a new beginning - Dreaming about far away places - Taking a walk, feeling free - Most importantly: being together with dear ones~

So~ what are the things that bring a smile to your face?

Bunnybear and Bonnetkitty

Hello again ;)

On Friday I finally received my package from Closet Child that I ordered last month (Thank God for the hold option xD) and I am really pleased with the things I got. I ordered I tiny Usakumya and a Bonnet *points down to pictures* Concerning the Bonnet I don't know if it suits me because I haven't tried it out with a proper hair-do but I really like the fabric and the print...I don't know if I think it too big though xD

Isn't it cute? My first Usakumya...and I wanna have more :3
Hello Kitty wearing my new Bonnet. Suits her well, doesn't it? XD
Yes, that is a FF 7-Pillow on my bed xD

Apr 21, 2012

Valentines-Day :3

Hello my sweeties <3

Today I got a Valentine and those words really made me feel better :) Thank you so so much :3 I won't let myself get all depressed! Gonna fight for what I want ;)

Apr 19, 2012


Yay~ today I finally got my Pocket Embroidery JSK from BtSsb...had to get up at 6:00 am to go to customs and get it before work but it was worth is so gorgeous *O* I love it so much <3 Will wear it at one day on the Hanami where I am going to help Vanilla ^.^ I hope this is sweet enough *hihi*

Isn't it beautiful? Excuse the weird quality...can only take pics with my mobile atm ^^"
Mobile-Cam made the colors look weird >.< But I wanted to show you the gourgeous embroidery <3
Again weird colors but the lace in the front is so nice *_*
I also bought a nice summerdress at H&M last week that I want to show is perfect for warm days, the fabric is really soft and it has a great shape <3
And again excuse the bad quality ^^" The dress even fits a petticoat *hihi*

Apr 17, 2012

Blog Award *O*

Oh my God~ Oh my God~ Oh my God~ I received my first Blog Award <3 Thank you very much to Anni ^O^ Never thought that my blog would get an award ever *happy* 

1. Show your award and link the one who gave it to you!
2. Give the award to nice bloggers and link them! 
3. Tell the winners! 

And I give the award to *thinks* Not easy, so many cute blogs out there *thinks more*

Apr 11, 2012


Hello my sweeties <3

You know that moment when one sentence is enough to put you back into your memories and let you re-live precious memories you thought you already have forgotten but than one word or sentence is enough and it stands vivid before your eyes? That exact thing happened to me yesterday. I received I mail from my best friend in Indonesia and I was instantly moved back to the time when we both walked home from a night out in the club. My shoes were broken and I had to walk barefoot. And to not make me feel weird my friend not only carried my shoes, he also took of his own and we walked home barefoot may seem like a total insignificant memory but for me it is so precious and important. The thought alone made me want to go back to Japan and re-live one of the most awesome years I had in my life.

This picture also keeps many funny memories xD Taken during my stay in Tokyo at a friends place...we ate Udon all the time and did so many funny/stupid stuff...was really great ^^ (And I kinda look older than I am doing now...interesting xD)
This song comes to my mind when I remember that story above ^^

Apr 10, 2012

I am impossible @.@

Hello my sweeties <3

Yes~ I did the impossible...but wait, let me begin from the start ;) Over Easter I went back to Erlangen to meet my "family" and it were really great days...we played Just Dance over and over again, I got the chance to wear Lolita again at our Easter Meet-Up and I chatted lots and lots with my dears ^^ And still I am mad...because Klutz that I am I lost my webstick X.x So only way to post sth is during lunch-break at work *sob sob* Well...that is just me but I am still angry at myself xD"

This is the outfit from the meet-up...I am wearing Ballerinas because I hurt my foot the day no high heels for me that day ^^"

And one with colors ;)

Sorry for the slightly confusing and maybe random post but I can't think of something elaborate atm but I still wanted to show you my outfit xD Will post the things I got for Easter and other stuff that I bought recently when I have access to my own Internet again...please bear with me until than m(_._)m

Apr 7, 2012

Pink Flower and Petit Four

Hello my sweeties <3

Firstly, thank you so much for 60 you so much <3 And secondly I wanna show you my OOTD. Tried something different from Lolita today...what do you think about it?
Dress/Tights/Shoes: H&M - Pullover: J.Honeys - Accessories: Bijou Brigitte, Orsay, Accessorize - Headbow: Bijou Brigitte
 We also had some Petit Fours today...they not only look cute they also were absolutely delicious :3
The red one is with cherry and the white one with gooood~
This one was with Mousse au Chocolat *om nom nom*

Turning more and more pink

Hello Sweeties <3

Finally I got time and (webz ^^") to post again. Last week my Internet was rather bad so it was totally impossible to post something decent, meaning sth with pictures, but today I finally have proper Internet and I want to show you two dresses that I bought in the last two weeks and that are on the way to me ^o^

The first one is Paris Window JSK from Baby in pink or lavender...couldn't exactly see that in the pic but I love both colorways so WIN anyways xD
 At first I wasn't really sure if I should get it, not because I don't love the print and cut (I adore it to pieces *O*) but because of the bust measurements...but I soon decided that I will find a way to make it fit. After Vampire Requiem this dress is my second great love...I only never put it on my Wishlist because of the measurements ^^" So keep your fingers crossed that it fits me ^.^

The second dress is Pocket Embroidery JSK by BtSsb in pink...that one I bought rather spontaneous. The price was great and I really like the Bodice that is looking kinda like a corset :3 I think it will also be a great dress for summer to wear in a more inspired way...without blouse and "proper" Lolita attire ;)
And lastly a funny (maybe kinda sad? xD") story that happened to me some time ago. I met a friend again after two years on facebook and we kinda chatted about all the stuff that happened during that time and suddenly she asks me "What the heck is that on your timeline?" I was all like "What you mean? *curious*" And she was referring to all the pictures of me wearing pink xDD You guys don't know that but until 2 years ago I was mainly wearing darker colors because I was affraid of peoples comments...those friends comments included...she also said " And I was so happy that you got away from all that pink" I know that she doesn't mean it in a bad way but still denying me pink is like denying me.

Apr 2, 2012

Dancing through (Saturday and) black and mint~

Hello my sweeties <3

last weekend I was visiting some dear friends in Franken and used the opportunity to wear Lolita again after 2 weeks...I really felt weird not wearing it for such a long time xD Easter will be soooo great...looking like a princess all the time :3 But back to the topic *hihi* As I felt really down the whole last week my friends cheered me up with a great Shopping- and Dancing-Day on Saturday :3 Bought nice stuff that I will post in a later post and in the evening we playey Just was soooo awesome ^O^ Love you guys so much <3

But here are my two outfits :) Unfortunately I forgot to take better pictures of the first one xDDD
OP/Socks: AP - Blouse: Meta - Shoes: Leche by Yosuke - Cardigan: Bodyline - Accessories: Chocomint, Accessorize
Playing around with the food xDDD I really like that picture even if we were just fooling around *hihihi*