Apr 7, 2012

Turning more and more pink

Hello Sweeties <3

Finally I got time and (webz ^^") to post again. Last week my Internet was rather bad so it was totally impossible to post something decent, meaning sth with pictures, but today I finally have proper Internet and I want to show you two dresses that I bought in the last two weeks and that are on the way to me ^o^

The first one is Paris Window JSK from Baby in pink or lavender...couldn't exactly see that in the pic but I love both colorways so WIN anyways xD
 At first I wasn't really sure if I should get it, not because I don't love the print and cut (I adore it to pieces *O*) but because of the bust measurements...but I soon decided that I will find a way to make it fit. After Vampire Requiem this dress is my second great love...I only never put it on my Wishlist because of the measurements ^^" So keep your fingers crossed that it fits me ^.^

The second dress is Pocket Embroidery JSK by BtSsb in pink...that one I bought rather spontaneous. The price was great and I really like the Bodice that is looking kinda like a corset :3 I think it will also be a great dress for summer to wear in a more inspired way...without blouse and "proper" Lolita attire ;)
And lastly a funny (maybe kinda sad? xD") story that happened to me some time ago. I met a friend again after two years on facebook and we kinda chatted about all the stuff that happened during that time and suddenly she asks me "What the heck is that on your timeline?" I was all like "What you mean? *curious*" And she was referring to all the pictures of me wearing pink xDD You guys don't know that but until 2 years ago I was mainly wearing darker colors because I was affraid of peoples comments...those friends comments included...she also said " And I was so happy that you got away from all that pink" I know that she doesn't mean it in a bad way but still denying me pink is like denying me.


  1. lovely purchases! I love both! Paris windows was a dream I had til I discover that the model I wanted wouldn't fit me u_u" Pocket embroidery is still on my wishlist! Congrats!

    1. I am also not sure that I will fit into the Paris Window but I had to try ;)

      And I had to have the Pocket embroidery JSK...can't wait to get it :3