Apr 22, 2012

Bunnybear and Bonnetkitty

Hello again ;)

On Friday I finally received my package from Closet Child that I ordered last month (Thank God for the hold option xD) and I am really pleased with the things I got. I ordered I tiny Usakumya and a Bonnet *points down to pictures* Concerning the Bonnet I don't know if it suits me because I haven't tried it out with a proper hair-do but I really like the fabric and the print...I don't know if I think it too big though xD

Isn't it cute? My first Usakumya...and I wanna have more :3
Hello Kitty wearing my new Bonnet. Suits her well, doesn't it? XD
Yes, that is a FF 7-Pillow on my bed xD

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