Apr 11, 2012


Hello my sweeties <3

You know that moment when one sentence is enough to put you back into your memories and let you re-live precious memories you thought you already have forgotten but than one word or sentence is enough and it stands vivid before your eyes? That exact thing happened to me yesterday. I received I mail from my best friend in Indonesia and I was instantly moved back to the time when we both walked home from a night out in the club. My shoes were broken and I had to walk barefoot. And to not make me feel weird my friend not only carried my shoes, he also took of his own and we walked home barefoot may seem like a total insignificant memory but for me it is so precious and important. The thought alone made me want to go back to Japan and re-live one of the most awesome years I had in my life.

This picture also keeps many funny memories xD Taken during my stay in Tokyo at a friends place...we ate Udon all the time and did so many funny/stupid stuff...was really great ^^ (And I kinda look older than I am doing now...interesting xD)
This song comes to my mind when I remember that story above ^^

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  1. Pssst... du hast einen Blogaward bekommen ;D