Apr 29, 2012

My favourite Accessories

Hello my sweeties <3

A while ago I was tagged by Anni to do the Accessory-Challenge...but I only now realized it xDD But I'll do it nonetheless...better late than never XD"

Here are the rules (in German):

- Verlinke die Person, die dich getaggt hat, in deinem Tag-Post.
- Zeige immer nur eins, maximal zwei deiner Lieblingsstücke der jeweiligen Kategorie.
- Erzähle uns, wieso du gerade dieses Stück ausgewählt hast.
- Tagge 5 3 weitere Leute und gib ihnen Bescheid.
So here are my favourite accessories :) 
My favourite bag:
Pink bag from Claire's *_*  Because it is PINK xD

My favourite shoes:
Don't really have favourite shoes but atm I like to wear these ^^ Atm I totally love wedges and these kind of shoes xD
My favourite shawl/scarf:
So cute and warm and comfy :3
My favourite necklace:
Because after a long search I finally found that cute birdcage necklace xD
My favourite ring:
Ring of Cliaddagh - never leaves my hand for long...brought me luck since nearly 10 years now ^^
My favourite earrings: 
As I don't wear earrings, I don't have favourite ones XD

My favourite bracelet: 
Well, I wear whatever fits the outfit no favourite there...most of the time I even forget wearing a bracelet at all XD

My favourite perfume: 
Egoiste by Chanel - so great <3
Yes~ I know it is a male perfume but I love to wear it nonetheless xD

My favourite nailpolish:
I don't wear nailpolish xD

My favourite hair accessory:
Awesome hat for summer :3 I totally fell in love wth it and you can also put different flowers on *points up*

And now I gonna have to tag three people *thinks* Well~ I choose Emilielynn, Vanilla and *thinks more* everyone who wants to to it ;)

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  1. Uuuuh ich wurde getaggt. ^^
    Ich werd mal schauen ob ich da heute noch ein paar Bildchen machen kann. :D