Apr 22, 2012

Rainy Day

Hello yet again xD

Yes, yes~ I am posting pretty much this weekend but I kinda feel like it so bear with me today ;)

So~ today I wanted to go to Ludwigsburg castle and see the "Blooming Baroque" (the park surrounding the castle is decked out beautifully with all kinds of flowers and stuff) but as soon as I arrived in Ludwigsburg the weather got bad and it was as if the world was having a new great flood...and as if the rain from hell wasn't enough it also started to hail pretty badly. But at that time I haven't given up my plan on seeing the beautiful park...I still had hope that the weather would get better xD But when I arrived at the park the weather hadn't changed and I only got really cold so I decided to go to Stuttgart and get myself a Bubble Tea...after that I was so tired and freezing that I just went home. Nonetheless it was a rather inspiring day...on my way through the rain I saw the city of Ludwigsburg in a different light (I really like how everything looks different and still beautiful in the rain) and had many great ideas for some drawings:) Maybe they will come out rather good and I'll show them here...but just maybe xDDD
Only picture I took in Ludwigsburg...the weather was just to bad...but still I like the kinda "lonely" feel to that picture ;)
Todays Outfit...I don't have a Tripod (yet xD) so I couldn't take a picture of myself xDDD
Chamwhoring Part 1 xD
Camwhoring Part 2 ;) How you like my hair? Don't have a Headpiece for my new JSK yet so a rose it was xD
Thanks for watching :3