Apr 29, 2012

Only through hard times we can cherish happiness~

Hello my sweeties <3

Yesterday was such a great day *_* The sun was shining, it was really warm (I could finally wear the sundress I bought at H&M some weeks ago :3) and me and a friend went shopping~ Although my feet totally hurt at the end of the day it was really great to visit Stuttgart again! Also there were two things that totally boasted my confidence that day: 1. a woman complimented my outfit and asked where I bought my petticoat and 2. I was called beautiful by a total stranger...why can't everyday be like that *sighs* But well, I will not be complaining *hihi* Only through the hard times we can cherish the happiness we I right? ;) But well, I know that you all want to see some pictures and here we go~ Enjoy ;)

Sundress: H&M - Hat: Loevenich - Shoes: H&M - Necklace: New Look - Bracelet: Orsay

Yesterday really felt like holidays in Italy :) ...but instead I really crave to go to Cornwall now xD
I really love that picture ^.^ It was so nice to cool my feet after walking the whole time~
Beautiful Stuttgart ^^
It's magic ;) well if you know how it works it is not that much fun anymore ^^"
 And here is what I bought yesterday. I also bought the hat that I am wearing on the above pictures ^.^
Bought this dress at Orsay ^^ I already have shoes that match perfectly :3 I think this would make an unusual Sailor-Coord ^^
Found the most awesome bodylotion :3 Gonna smell like sweets all the time xD
Got it for only 3 Euro at Claire's...isn't it cute? :3
Aaaaand I also got my hair cut again ^^ This time the part in the back is much shorter than before...I like that pretty much~

Thanks for holding out the pic spam until the end xD Hope you also had a great day yesterday ^.^

Many kisses~
*waves goodbye*

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  1. xD nachdem ich mir gestern den pony wieder gerade geschnitten habe, haben wir jetzt die selbe frisur ahaha

    das orsay kleid ist echt niedlich =) aber ich hätts gerne in einer anderen farbe xD ... gabs das auch? oder wieder nur in einer?

    1. Hihi~ am Ende mutieren wir doch zu Zwillingen xDDD

      Ne, in ner anderen Farbe hab ich das Kleid nicht gesehen...hab aber dann auch nicht mehr weiter geschaut weil ich die perfekten Schuhe zu dem Kleid habe XDDD

    2. YAY zwillinge xD
      ich geh besser nicht zu orsay xD könnte böse enden für meinen geldbeutel Trololol ...
      nachdem ich es ja gestern nicht lassen konnte und mir das hütchen auf cc reservieren musste T_T

  2. Das ist auch ein echt süßes Outfit! ^.^

    1. Vielen Dank ^^ Es war vor allem sehr luftig...hab mich gefühlt wie im Urlaub darin XD