Apr 2, 2012

Dancing through (Saturday and) black and mint~

Hello my sweeties <3

last weekend I was visiting some dear friends in Franken and used the opportunity to wear Lolita again after 2 weeks...I really felt weird not wearing it for such a long time xD Easter will be soooo great...looking like a princess all the time :3 But back to the topic *hihi* As I felt really down the whole last week my friends cheered me up with a great Shopping- and Dancing-Day on Saturday :3 Bought nice stuff that I will post in a later post and in the evening we playey Just was soooo awesome ^O^ Love you guys so much <3

But here are my two outfits :) Unfortunately I forgot to take better pictures of the first one xDDD
OP/Socks: AP - Blouse: Meta - Shoes: Leche by Yosuke - Cardigan: Bodyline - Accessories: Chocomint, Accessorize
Playing around with the food xDDD I really like that picture even if we were just fooling around *hihihi*
It was such a nice and sunny day :3 
 Fangirl-Dance xDDD I am such a little kid *hihi*
JSK/Bow: Bodyline - Socks: AP - Shoes: Montreal - Cardigan/Blouse: Bodyline - Accessories: Chocomint, H&M


  1. Ahh der squirrel jsk! So hübschiii <3

  2. sry war ja leider an mathe gefesselt >.< und hatte deswegen keine zeit!
    hast ja gleich deine neuen jsks ausgetragen =)
    schon ne idee was du sonntag anziehst?

    1. Kein Problem ^^ Mathe ist jetzt erstmal wichtiger~

      Jupp jupp~ musste gleich sein *har har har*

      Weiß noch net genau was ich anziehe...das entscheide ich spontan ^^