Mar 30, 2012

New Things~

Hello my sweeties <3

Long time no post again ^^" I am so so busy with work and personal matters atm that I don't have the energy to write in the evening...I am so sorry m(_._)m But here a short update on some new things I got at our local (well not local for me anymore xD") Swap Meet like 2 weeks ago ^.^

Bodylines Squirrel JSK in mint <3 Wanted it for the longest time and now I finally got it :3

Kinda matching socks from Angelic Pretty :3 They are a lighter mint than the JSK but I think they'll work ok with it...can also wear it with my L'oiseau Bleu JSK from Baby ^^v
Royal Poodle OP...was not actually on my Wishlist but I tried it on and fell in love <3 <3 <3
Matching Socks and Tote Bag ^^

I also got a blouse from Meta and Socks from Bodyline but I don't have any pictures of that yet xD But I am sure I will wear it in a Co-Ord soonish so stay tuned ;)


  1. Da hast du ja kräftig zugeschlagen :D
    Der Bodyline JSK ist auch total süß, da hab ich auch schon öfter mal überlegt da zuzuschlagen^^

    1. Japp ^^ Irgendwie schon...aber naja~ konnte eben nicht wiederstehen xD

      Der JSK ist auch voll bequem <3