Mar 25, 2012

Sunny Weekend

Hello my sweeties <3

This weekend I finally got my curtains and also was shown the town that I am living in now. I have to say it is really not that big (and I am really livving on the outskirts xD) but it is really cute. There is a nice old part of town with nice little shops and there also is a tiny Japanese Garden ^^ But I shouldn't talk that much and let the pictures speak for themselves ;)
But before seeing the town we had icecream :3 It was really delicious <3

Cute buildings everywhere <3
Tiny tiny Japanese Garden xD Unfortunately you can't go in and walk around there ^^"
And I also got new decoration for my room :3 Now Balloons are flying over my bed ^^
Aaaaand I finally got curtains ^^v i like that fabric really much...what do you think? The other window has the same curtains so no picture for that xD

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