Mar 12, 2012

Pink Teaparty ^^

Hello Sweeties <3

One busy week and weekend is over...and I finally got the time to post something about the weekend from 3./4. March where I went to Munich to celebrate the birthday of a dear Lolita friend...and it was just awesome and wonderful. The decoration was magical and the cakes were so cute and delicious. It was really as if we all had fallen into wonderland. Thank you again for such a great party and for letting me take part in it <3 <3 <3 The party also was an occassion that I could wear Lolita again after a rather long time...I really felt like myself again. All pink and frilled up :3 Thats what I like most ^o^

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa~ my new haircut with Lolita :3 What do you think? (picture taken by rommily)

 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (photo taken by ichigo-betty)
They not even looked cute they also tasted super-awesome <3 (photo taken by ichigo-betty)
So cute ^0^ (photo taken by ichigo-betty)
All in pink :3 (picture taken by rommily)
(picture taken by rommily)


  1. mou! <3
    you're so cute!! love the haircut~ hahaha

    1. ^///^ Thank you so much~
      Glad you like the haircut~

  2. WOW So cute cord *_*

    Your new Haircut it so lovely ^_^