Mar 16, 2012

So beautiful that you could cry

Hello my sweeties <3

Yesterday I had a short moment of feeling the above...sometimes I just realize that a moment is so beautiful but as soon as I notice it, it is nearly over and that makes me want to cry sometimes. Do you know that feeling? A friend of mine told me that that is being emo and depressed but I don't think that. This feeling is far mor precious than just feeling down ^^" And because it is so precious I want to show you some beautiful moments I had in the past weeks :3 

While visiting my "family" in Erlangen we went to thepark and took some photos...I miss them so much but I also totally fell in love with Stuttgart xD

Crappy Phonecam is crappy...i so need a new camera xD
Farewell prtesent from a collegue who left two weeks ago ^^
A nightly view of the city *_* Even dreamed about it last night XD
Kollegienhaus in I had all my lectures during university *sighs* Nostalgia~
Bonus Picture ;)
My very first love when I was smaller :D My grandmas first husband who unfortunately died very yound T_T


  1. Oooh ich liebe den mantel auf deinem ersten Bild...*___* Woher hast du deeeeen? Liebe Grüße! Superschöne Fotos wie immer hihi

    1. Danke ^0^ Der ist vom New Look...war runtergesetzt und da hab ich zugeschlagen :3

  2. so cute, we must think always positive :) with smile

    1. Thank you ^^

      I think so too...but its not always easy ;)