Mar 30, 2012

New Things~

Hello my sweeties <3

Long time no post again ^^" I am so so busy with work and personal matters atm that I don't have the energy to write in the evening...I am so sorry m(_._)m But here a short update on some new things I got at our local (well not local for me anymore xD") Swap Meet like 2 weeks ago ^.^

Bodylines Squirrel JSK in mint <3 Wanted it for the longest time and now I finally got it :3

Mar 25, 2012

Sunny Weekend

Hello my sweeties <3

This weekend I finally got my curtains and also was shown the town that I am living in now. I have to say it is really not that big (and I am really livving on the outskirts xD) but it is really cute. There is a nice old part of town with nice little shops and there also is a tiny Japanese Garden ^^ But I shouldn't talk that much and let the pictures speak for themselves ;)
But before seeing the town we had icecream :3 It was really delicious <3

Mar 20, 2012

A new room~

As I got a started a new job last month and can only stay in my temporary apartment for 2 more weeks I had to look for a new flat. And in the beginning of March I found a cute little room with balcony not to far away from my work (by bus it only takes 15 minutes). And although it is really really small for a start it is really great. And honestly, if I am living alone and am not at home most of the time, why do I need a bigger flat at the moment? Aaaannd, best thing is, the rent is rather cheap (compared to bigger sized flats) and I can buy other stuff like clothes, manga and I can travel again *O* Here are some impressions of my room with my crappy phonecam xDD

I don't have proper curtains yet but what do you think? 

Mar 16, 2012

So beautiful that you could cry

Hello my sweeties <3

Yesterday I had a short moment of feeling the above...sometimes I just realize that a moment is so beautiful but as soon as I notice it, it is nearly over and that makes me want to cry sometimes. Do you know that feeling? A friend of mine told me that that is being emo and depressed but I don't think that. This feeling is far mor precious than just feeling down ^^" And because it is so precious I want to show you some beautiful moments I had in the past weeks :3 

While visiting my "family" in Erlangen we went to thepark and took some photos...I miss them so much but I also totally fell in love with Stuttgart xD

Mar 12, 2012

Pink Teaparty ^^

Hello Sweeties <3

One busy week and weekend is over...and I finally got the time to post something about the weekend from 3./4. March where I went to Munich to celebrate the birthday of a dear Lolita friend...and it was just awesome and wonderful. The decoration was magical and the cakes were so cute and delicious. It was really as if we all had fallen into wonderland. Thank you again for such a great party and for letting me take part in it <3 <3 <3 The party also was an occassion that I could wear Lolita again after a rather long time...I really felt like myself again. All pink and frilled up :3 Thats what I like most ^o^

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa~ my new haircut with Lolita :3 What do you think? (picture taken by rommily)