Dec 14, 2011

Christmas Meet-Up (10.12.2011)

Hello Sweeties <3

Today is the day! The (not)-long awaited report of our Christmasparty is here ;D

At around 12:30 we started in Erlangen by car to get to the meeting point in Nuremberg. We wanted to start around 30 minutes earlier though but as some things don't ever work out as planned we left to late and came to the meeting point 15 minutes later but we weren't the last ones to arrive. Unlike our usual meet-ups the group that day was rather big. We were 23 people and as such we went to get Bubbletea before going to the restaurant we had booked around 1 month ago (it is really tough getting a decent place for a meet-up in Nuremberg during this time of year ^^"). After everyone got their Bubbletea we went to the restaurant and as it is located in the historic part of the city we took the chance to take some quick pictures (it was freezing so the shoot was rather short xD).

Dec 4, 2011


Hello sweethearts <3

Sorry for not posting for that long but the last week I was super I kinda still am XDD But as a "livesign" here a short post of what I am doing if I am not busy with meeting people and running around Germany ;D I am watching D.Gray-Man again. The setting, the characters and the story are just so great *_* If you haven't already watched it you really should give it a try <3 

Third Opening: Access - Doubt and Trust (the song that gave the name to my blog x3) ~ I love the part from 0:42 onwards...Kandaaaaaaaaaa~ <3

Nov 25, 2011

Sweet Ribbon Strawberry

And yet another dream dress will soon be in my posession *_* I was pondering for a really long time if I really should buy the dress now, than I found it a Closet Child and the price was really great and now I reserved it until next month~ I can't wait to finally hold it in my hands *_* 

My second dress by AP <3 I like this brand more and more ^.^
The details in the front are so beautiful *_*

Nov 17, 2011

Precious Memories~

As I had to move back to my parents house because of personal issues in my life I didn't have the time to do a proper post in the last few days...I apologize m(_._)m
Because my parents live 3 hours away from my beloved Franconia and I am not able to meet my dear Lolita-Friends for some time I had a farewell-weekend. On Saturday I went shopping with my girls in Nuremberg. We had Bubbletea two times and also did some minor sightseeing on the way to the different stores. Later we went to kooccachoos place to watch Inception and have delicious Gnocchi-Gratin *_* I miss my girls already *sighs* But I only have to endure 2 more weeks and I can visit them again *nyahahahaha*

Nov 9, 2011

OOTD - Kinda Boystyle xD

Blouse/Socks: Bodyline - Cardigan: New Look - Shorts: Orsay - Boots: Deichmann - Necklace: Accessorize

Nov 6, 2011

Monthly Meet-Up: Handicrafts~

Hello there <3

So cuuute *_*
yesterday we had our monthly Lolita Meet-Up but this time we decided to do something different than visiting a castle or museum: We had a handicraft afternoon and tried to make wristcuffs...tried because we also watched movies (Sweeny Tood *O* and Moon Child...god is this movie bad...but I remember loving it 6 years ago XDDD) and chatted a lot and while doing so we mostly forgot to work on our projects...thats why I also can't show you my finished wristcuffs as they are not finished yet ;D We also had Bubble Tea delicious <3 <3 <3 The cups at Boboq also have new cuuuuuuute *O*

My wristcuffs in their "raw" state ;3 They are gonne be soooo cute *O*

Blouse/Cardi/Skirt: Bodyline - Shoes: An-tai-na - Tights: H&M - Accessories: Accessorize, H&M, Bijou Brigitte

New Items for my wishlist...WANT *_* I love Sebastian and Ciel <3

Oct 29, 2011

Oct 28, 2011

Busy Day in Nuremberg~

Tiger and, wait, Snake ;D
Yesterday kooccachoo and me went to different hotels in Nuremberg to organize a meeting room for our Christmas-Event on 10.12.2011. Although today we decided we'd rather take a special room in a restaurant (thanks to koo-chan for contacting them <3), seeing all these nice hotels from the inside for once was a pretty nice experience (You can see the rooms we viewed in koo-chans entry ^.^). To get "strenght" for the hard task of finding a suitable place to celebrate our Lolita-Christmas we had Bubble Tea twice this day *hehe* We are so happy that this really great drink finally arrived in Nuremberg *O* And of course we went shopping...I found a really cute necklace with a carriage at Accessorize for only 7 Euros *yay me* and *yay sale* ;D

Entrance to the Grand Hotel. The hotel is so beautiful...but really expensive *sighs*
Found at a vending machine at the main train station. On of my favourite brands of sweets combined with Hello Kitty...purrrrfect <3

Yesterdays Outfit:
Everything Bodyline or Off-Brand ^^"  Excuse the weird was already late xD"

Oct 21, 2011

雪のいちご - Winter Strawberry

JSK: Dear Celine - Blouse: Bodyline - Socks: Secret Shop - Shoes: Montreal - Accessories: H&M, Bijou Brigitte
Today I met with a friend for a late lunch and decided to wear my Strawberry-JSK from Dear Celine in a different Co-Ord. Normally I would wear read shoes and a cardigan in ivory with it but today I wanted to wear pink with it...what do you think? I really like how it came out...but I LOVE pink so maybe my opinion doesn't count that much in that matter xDDD

Fangirl-Bonus *_* I totally love the outfits they are wearing in that video...why can't normal men wear stuff like that? *sighs* And of course I love the song

Oct 16, 2011

Versailles - Holy Grail Tour 2011 or "The Beauty of Transience"

Bonjour <3

Concert outfit <3
On Thursday we finally travelled to Cologne to see Versailles *_* I was so excited to see them live that I couldn't really sleep or eat. But as we had a 5-hour-trip ahead of us and we travelled via ICE I used the chance  to eat something in the restaurant car although the prices are pretty high for what you get...but hey, it is Deutsche Bahn, I didn't expect anything else >.< After only arriving 15 minutes late in Cologne we brought our stuff to the hostel, bought some stuff we forgot at home and made us ready for the concert. We arrived at the venue short after 7 pm and there I met Yuki from Yuki's Lolita Wonderland for the first time in real life. She is such a sweet girl and I am so glad that we met ^o^ 

Oct 9, 2011

Favourite Anime-Characters ^o^

Today I thought I could do an anime-related meme (that I found somewhere on the interwebs) for a that my blog doesn't only consist of daily inspiring images and lolita-stuff ;D

For the record, are you a male or female?

Your first favourite anime character? Do you have a picture?
Gilbert <3

Oct 4, 2011

Treasure Chest of Accessories~

My little "treasure chest" of accessories <3
Yesterday I reorganized my room and finally put all my Lolita-accessories together in one shelf. I think now everything really looks like a treasure chest...cluttered but still kind of beautiful x3 What do you think? How do you store your accessories?

Jul 11, 2011

Review うさぎ洋品店

Last week I placed an order with Usagiyouhinten and I thought a review could be of interest.

The website is all in Japanese but pretty easy to navigate and there also is a special description page just for overseas customers. You can either order via mail or via the shopping card. The how-to-do is also described in detail. I ordered via shopping card because I thought it would be the faster way to get my things.
The assortment is reallly big. I think they even have a greater range of products on their page than Closet Child. But that could be my imagination ;D

Communication (5/5)
Communication was really great and superfast. It took them not even a day to respond to my question concerning shipping and they even send me the invoice within 24 hours. I was pretty surprised by their promptness. It also seemed that I was one of the first German Lolitas to order at their shop and so they asked me how I found their homepage and said that they are really lucky to now have customers in Germany.

Shipping (5/5)
I ordered my items on the 05.07.2011, received my invoice on the 06.07.2011 and the goods were sent on the 07.07.2011 via EMS. I also received the tracking number on the same day. The goods arrived today (11.07.2011). So it took the items only 5 days to get to me.

The Goodies (5/5)
I ordered the AP Merry Making Party-OT-Socks in white, the matching headbow and a Rosecorsage Minihat from AatP for a friend.
As the goods on the page are second hand they are given marks from AA to C (I think, until now I only saw marks AA to B).

The items came in a sturdy cardboard box  and every item had its own plastic bag. They also included padding around the hat so that it won't get dents or something like that...I give 5/5 ^^

Merry Making Party-OT-Socks
On the homepage the got a mark AA. It seems that they were never used before because the tag is still on, so the mark is accurate. And they fit me although my legs are on the "stronger" side. The socks are really soft *_*

Merry Making Party-Headbow
It only got an A although the tag is still on it. On the site it says the bow is slightly of center and has some little scratches but I didn't really notice them. For me it is perfect ;D

Rosecorsage Minihat from AatP
I did not unpack it because I ordered it for a friend but it seems in pretty good condition. Got an A on the page.

All in all I can say, that this shop is a great alternative to Closet Child, where you have to be superfast to get the item you really want. It seems that you have "time to think your purchase over", because Usagiyouhinten is not yet really well known in the west.