Nov 25, 2011

Sweet Ribbon Strawberry

And yet another dream dress will soon be in my posession *_* I was pondering for a really long time if I really should buy the dress now, than I found it a Closet Child and the price was really great and now I reserved it until next month~ I can't wait to finally hold it in my hands *_* 

My second dress by AP <3 I like this brand more and more ^.^
The details in the front are so beautiful *_*


  1. Musste sein...das Kleid war jetzt schon so oft auf CC...die Versuchung hat dann doch gewonnen xD Und ich bin doch so ein Erdbeerfan x3

  2. waaahh!!!congrats again! it's so cute!

  3. Thank you ^^ I really love the colors red and yellow together and I already have many Coords in my mind *_*