Dec 14, 2011

Christmas Meet-Up (10.12.2011)

Hello Sweeties <3

Today is the day! The (not)-long awaited report of our Christmasparty is here ;D

At around 12:30 we started in Erlangen by car to get to the meeting point in Nuremberg. We wanted to start around 30 minutes earlier though but as some things don't ever work out as planned we left to late and came to the meeting point 15 minutes later but we weren't the last ones to arrive. Unlike our usual meet-ups the group that day was rather big. We were 23 people and as such we went to get Bubbletea before going to the restaurant we had booked around 1 month ago (it is really tough getting a decent place for a meet-up in Nuremberg during this time of year ^^"). After everyone got their Bubbletea we went to the restaurant and as it is located in the historic part of the city we took the chance to take some quick pictures (it was freezing so the shoot was rather short xD).

Dec 4, 2011


Hello sweethearts <3

Sorry for not posting for that long but the last week I was super I kinda still am XDD But as a "livesign" here a short post of what I am doing if I am not busy with meeting people and running around Germany ;D I am watching D.Gray-Man again. The setting, the characters and the story are just so great *_* If you haven't already watched it you really should give it a try <3 

Third Opening: Access - Doubt and Trust (the song that gave the name to my blog x3) ~ I love the part from 0:42 onwards...Kandaaaaaaaaaa~ <3