Dec 14, 2011

Christmas Meet-Up (10.12.2011)

Hello Sweeties <3

Today is the day! The (not)-long awaited report of our Christmasparty is here ;D

At around 12:30 we started in Erlangen by car to get to the meeting point in Nuremberg. We wanted to start around 30 minutes earlier though but as some things don't ever work out as planned we left to late and came to the meeting point 15 minutes later but we weren't the last ones to arrive. Unlike our usual meet-ups the group that day was rather big. We were 23 people and as such we went to get Bubbletea before going to the restaurant we had booked around 1 month ago (it is really tough getting a decent place for a meet-up in Nuremberg during this time of year ^^"). After everyone got their Bubbletea we went to the restaurant and as it is located in the historic part of the city we took the chance to take some quick pictures (it was freezing so the shoot was rather short xD).

Hungry as we were by than we hoped to get some nice fruitcake but we were kind of disappointed after seeing the portions of the cake and realizing that they forgot the vanillasauce for the "Apfelstrudel"...and I so wanted to try it, but it is no good without the sauce T-T Like me most of the girls (and boys) didn't take it because of that matter.  Although the pieces were pretty small the fruitcake was delicious though...but at the end of teatime we still were superhungry >.< And we still had to wait till 18:00 until dinner was served (although they told us that dinner would start before 18:00)...but I am getting ahead of myself xDDD
Although we had two cakes for 23 people the waiters cut nearly 20 pieces out of one cake o.O WTH?!
So~ after we finished our coffee and cake we gave out the presents everyone prepared...we decided to do a secret giveaway beforehand and everybody got a present-"partner". I really hope that everyone was pleased with their presents...I totally was *_* Thanks again <3 <3 <3
After that, as we had time till dinner after that we decided to do another photoshoot. This time in the cellar of the restaurant. It really looked like a dungeon down there and so we had to take pictures!!!
Mirror, Mirror~
Let it be Light ;D
And than, finally, DINNER!!! 
Maroon-Soup - I never ate this kind of soup before so I don't know if it should taste like that but I was really pleased. If I get the chance I will definitely eat it again~
A special kind of duck with potato-gratin and carrotts - I liked it but the portion was so small and I was still hungry after that...I was a bit disappointed *sighs*
Hot chocolate tarte - Disappointingly small and not hot. I also didn't like how the icecream tasted. The tarte tasted really good though~
Soon after dinner was over we decided to go home because it was already 21:00 and some of us still had a two-hour-drive to look forward to. As we wanted to pay we were really shocked though. The price was almost twice as high as we had anticipated...I kinda feel tricked by the restaurant stuff because what they told us and what we got was kinda different. But well, no use crying over spilled milk now! For the next meet-up we know better now and we wont visit that restaurant again. Nonetheless the day was really awesome! I got the chance to meet really awesome Lolitas for the first time and I could spend the day with some of my dearest friends~
JSK/Bow: Dear Celine - Beret: Kidsyoyo - Blouse/Shoes: Bodyline - Accessories: Chocomint, New Yorker
So~ what about you? Did you have any Christmas Meet-Ups yet? What did you do?