Oct 28, 2011

Busy Day in Nuremberg~

Tiger and, wait, Snake ;D
Yesterday kooccachoo and me went to different hotels in Nuremberg to organize a meeting room for our Christmas-Event on 10.12.2011. Although today we decided we'd rather take a special room in a restaurant (thanks to koo-chan for contacting them <3), seeing all these nice hotels from the inside for once was a pretty nice experience (You can see the rooms we viewed in koo-chans entry ^.^). To get "strenght" for the hard task of finding a suitable place to celebrate our Lolita-Christmas we had Bubble Tea twice this day *hehe* We are so happy that this really great drink finally arrived in Nuremberg *O* And of course we went shopping...I found a really cute necklace with a carriage at Accessorize for only 7 Euros *yay me* and *yay sale* ;D

Entrance to the Grand Hotel. The hotel is so beautiful...but really expensive *sighs*
Found at a vending machine at the main train station. On of my favourite brands of sweets combined with Hello Kitty...purrrrfect <3

Yesterdays Outfit:
Everything Bodyline or Off-Brand ^^"  Excuse the weird was already late xD"

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