Oct 9, 2011

Favourite Anime-Characters ^o^

Today I thought I could do an anime-related meme (that I found somewhere on the interwebs) for a that my blog doesn't only consist of daily inspiring images and lolita-stuff ;D

For the record, are you a male or female?

Your first favourite anime character? Do you have a picture?
Gilbert <3
What anime is he/she from?
Robin Hood no Daiboken *_* The show is rather old and when I watched it I didn't even know what Anime were xDD

Why do you like him/her?
He had long hair, a handsome face, was good with the sword and helped the damsel in distress...and he wasn't the alltime good boy...I liked his rather dark and gloomy character...and did I mention that he had long hair? *sighs*

Name your favourite eye-hair colour combination.
I don't really have a favourite combination...but if I really had to choose I'd say: black hair and dark or red eyes *hehehe*

Does an anime character fit that colour combination?
Isn't it obvious now *points up*...but I can spell it out for you ;D Sebastian Michaelis *sighs*
Name your most hated anime character., wait...Marian from Robin, no, wait *thinks* Alois Trancy...wait, I can't really decide...I hated so many characters until now ^^""""

If you could do anything to him/her, what would you do?
Dunno...make that they never existed? That's a weird question...o.O"

What was the first anime you watched?
The first anime I watched was Queen Millenia...but this was 20 years ago when I only knew cartoons I liked and disliked...the first anime I watched, knowing that it was an anime was Sailor Moon.
Name your favourite anime, and state why.
That's a tough one. At the moment I would say it is Black Butler because it is set in Victorian Britain, it has awesome clothes, a really great and not-everyday story and of course it has SEBASTIAN MICHAELIS *_*

Do you prefer shounen or shojo anime?
I watch what sounds good. I don't decide after shounen or shojo, if the story is catchy, the characters are good and the setting is nice I will certainly give it a try although I have to admit that I don't watch an anime if the story is good but the artwork is really crappy *needs eyecandy*

Which anime character influenced you in some way, or changed your mindset?
Honestly...I didn't think about that to much but I think all the pretty princess-like characters cemented my way of thinking...I am still searching for my prince in shining armour and I still believe that he is out there...even if people would call me stupid that is what I believe. And starting with Gilbert *points up* my perfect prince started to gain shape <--- does that make sense now? ^^"""

Make a list of your top 10 favourite anime characters.
1. Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)
2. Gilbert Nightray (Pandora Hearts)
3. Kanda Yuu (D.Gray-Man)
4. Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing)
5. Go Kato (Aishite Knight)
6. Tieria Erde (Gundam 00)
7. Seiya Kou (Sailor Moon Sailor Stars)
8. Sakuya Kira/Nanatsusaya/Lucifer (Angel Sanctuary)
9. Lavi (D.Gray-Man)
10. Lantis (Magic Knight Rayearth)
(I have many more characters I love to death but I think these are the ones I love the most ^O^)

What superpowers does 6 have?
He is a Gundam Meister and thus possesses the power to control a Gundam. He is also an Innovade, a kind of person build by other humans...kind of ^^"""

Would you like to date 9?
Why not...should be a fun date if he lets his work at home ;D

What would be a typical birthday gift from 3?
Nothing? An evil glare?...because he thinks celebrating birthday is useless?

Where would 7 bring you out on a date?
Dancing or something else with music...or he would show me the stars *hihi*

Is 1 studious/clever?
I don't think that studious or clever is the right word ;D

Which one describes 4 the best: quiet/energetic/cute/handsome/plain/talented/arrogant/sexy/thoughtful? (And only one!!)

What colour do you think fits 8?
Black...or red *hehe* sorry, couldn't resist xD

Does 10 play any musical instruments?
Not that I know of...

How heroic is 2?
Pretty much. I mean he is doing everything for his best friend...that is pretty heroic I think...okay, he doesn't always tell the truth but well, he is so cute you can forgive him ^o^

If 5 died what would you do?
Laugh because it would so not make sense for him to die in the series...but well, they had weirder turns of events in the show.

Which anime character's response would you really like to read?
Eh~ to what? To me asking them out on a date? I think they all would laugh about me...but well, I think Duos response would be the funniest...Sebastians might be the deathliest though xDDD


  1. Wee, it was so fun to read the meme! ~~

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  2. Thank you~ it was fun to write the really made me think about my favourite anime once more ^.^

    I had to follow you after reading the title of your blog x3 I love, love, love AFI <3