Oct 16, 2011

Versailles - Holy Grail Tour 2011 or "The Beauty of Transience"

Bonjour <3

Concert outfit <3
On Thursday we finally travelled to Cologne to see Versailles *_* I was so excited to see them live that I couldn't really sleep or eat. But as we had a 5-hour-trip ahead of us and we travelled via ICE I used the chance  to eat something in the restaurant car although the prices are pretty high for what you get...but hey, it is Deutsche Bahn, I didn't expect anything else >.< After only arriving 15 minutes late in Cologne we brought our stuff to the hostel, bought some stuff we forgot at home and made us ready for the concert. We arrived at the venue short after 7 pm and there I met Yuki from Yuki's Lolita Wonderland for the first time in real life. She is such a sweet girl and I am so glad that we met ^o^ 

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We than waited on and a half hours to get in (although the tickets said entrance was 8 pm >>"")...the concert also started kinda late but everything was forgotten after the concert started. It was totally AWESOME!!! I really can't describe my feelings in words...the band has a really great presence on stage *sighs* The first second they are on stage they are huge and every single moment counts *sighs again* Unlike other bands I have seen they give 200 percent from start to the very end...I was so overwhelmed that at some point I nearly cried with joy ^^""" So happy *_* Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures (so pix from the web have to suffice) but this wasn't to bad as there weren't cameras all over our faces xD But as I am very small I often only had heads or arms in front of me...that was a little sad. In the middle of the concert we than found a pretty good spot and I had a AWESOME view on Kamijo *_*  The concert was over so fast and we had to leave before the Meet and Greet to get our train to town *sob sob* Why do all the great things have to end that fast and the not so good stuff keeps happening over and over? But well, I will cherish this concert until the next time I see them...I think, beautiful things have even more beauty when they are transient...can't really put this feeling into words but I hope you understand me nonetheless *ehehehe*
As we weren't far away the next day we went to Düsseldorf to do a little shopping at all the cute japanese stores. We also made some Purikura...the last time I did this was 2007 in Japan so I was really happy to do this again ^o^ I also bought some sweets and other small stuff *points down to the picture* After shopping our wallet empty we had some lunch at this cute Onigiri-Restaurant. I had two Onigiri, one with mayo-salmon and one with teriyaki chicken. They really tasted like the ones I ate in Japan and I got so nostalgic...懐かしい~ This really made me wanna go back to Japan even more *sighs*

I already ate the Misosoup when I remembered to take a picture xD So delicious~
<3 <3 <3 The Haichuu are for a friend ^^
Later we went to BoboQ to have bubbletea and we were really surprised about the crowd in front of the store...we than assumed that the the there HAS to be great ;D And we weren't mistaken, it was so delicious. I had mango-greentea with strawberry bubbles and my friend got grape-greentea with aloe vera-jelly.
Grape and Mango <3

In the afternoon we went back to Cologne to do some window-shopping there and later in the evening to catch our train back home, that we hoped wouldn't have a delay but our wishes weren't granted and so we didn't catch our train back to Erlangen and had to stay in Nuremberg at a friends place (Thanks again for letting us stay Sweetie <3)...unfortunately we also didn't get the last bus to her place and the end of the story was that we had to walk 30 minutes through the city with our luggage >.<...way to go Deutsch Bahn ò.Ó
Looking "really smart" with nerd-glasses XDDD

Finally, yesterdays OOTD:
JSK: Baby - Blouse/Socks/Shoes: Bodyline - Accessories: H&M, New Yorker


  1. I love your all costumes! <3
    Oh you have been in Japan? Now I'm feeling jealous! >_<

  2. Thank you ^^
    Yep~ I was in Japan from 2006 to 2007 as an exchnage student <3 And I so want to go back there *sighs*

  3. Oh, I would love to become an exchange student but it's pretty expensive and I don't want to fall behind my generation. :/ But the experience itself would be amazing. -_-'

  4. Versailles Holy Grail tour was amazing! They are so fun! wrote a bit about it on my blog

    Also some really cute cords! Love your coat.

  5. Yeah~ they were so awesome *_* I will check out your entry ^-^

    And thank you ^.^ It is really warm and comfy <3