Oct 21, 2011

雪のいちご - Winter Strawberry

JSK: Dear Celine - Blouse: Bodyline - Socks: Secret Shop - Shoes: Montreal - Accessories: H&M, Bijou Brigitte
Today I met with a friend for a late lunch and decided to wear my Strawberry-JSK from Dear Celine in a different Co-Ord. Normally I would wear read shoes and a cardigan in ivory with it but today I wanted to wear pink with it...what do you think? I really like how it came out...but I LOVE pink so maybe my opinion doesn't count that much in that matter xDDD

Fangirl-Bonus *_* I totally love the outfits they are wearing in that video...why can't normal men wear stuff like that? *sighs* And of course I love the song