Apr 3, 2014

Veronica Mars

Hello sweeties <3

After watching 2 seasons of this totally awesome show within 1 week I thought it was time to talk about it. You might have already figured out that I am totally obsessed with this show. Although the show is from 2004 it still has one hell of a story and I am not actually really sure why they cancelled it after onle three seasons >.<

Some of you might already have watched it but for the ones who haven't yet here a short overview ;) The show centers around a high school girl Veronica Mars, who lives in Neptune, a city where the middle class doesn't exist - you only have the totally rich and the poor. After the murder of her best friend her life of luxury and happiness is suddenly over, her dad who was the former sheriff gets degraded and has to makes ends meet as a private investigator and Veronica is helping him out with his jobs. This way she not only meets interesting people but also gets closer to finding out who the murderer of her best friend is.

The setting is really different to other crime shows and the characters are all really well rounded - even though sometimes a bit over the top. I love the dialouges and the humor - and I especially love Kristen Bell *O*

Started watching the 3rd season just yesterday and can't wait to see the movie - so if you haven't watched that show yet I highly recommend that you start watching it now :3

Hope you have a nice day~


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