Mar 29, 2014

We are going to Paris~

Hello sweeties <3

This really is a year filled with concerts and short trips. In February my dear Nezumi and myself went to see Jupiter in Cologne, in May I am gonna see Yoshiki in Berlin and in July we are going to Paris for an event we thought wouldn't happen until next year - Kamijo is coming to Europe for one concert *O* 

I got VIP-Tickets for the both of us *yay* So, we are going to have a Meet & Greet with Kamijo...I am so so so excited...probably even more than with Jupiter *hahahaha* You can still get Regular Tickets here.

But we are not only going to the Paris for the concert. We also want to do some sightseeing...we already have some places in mind where we want to go...for example Pere la Chaise and obviousely the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and all the sights you have to see when in Paris ;) But if you have any other recommendations don't hesitate and tell me :3

Oscar Wilde <3 (pic found here)

(Pic from Wikipedia)

I already went to Paris twice but only for a few hours so I never really had the chance to see everything I really wanted to see ^^" (pic from Wikipedia)

I can't wait for the concert and the trip to Paris *O* What trips do you have planned for this year?

Have a nice weekend <3



  1. Musse du orsay :) whole amout of beautiful painting for example Van Gogh

    1. Thats sounds great :) Will definitely keep that in mind ^^

  2. Ui ui ui, dann mal viel Spaß. ^-^
    Klingt ja echt nach einem konzertreichen Jahr für dich. :)
    Ich war noch nie in Paris (außer am Flughafen), aber ich bin sicher, du wirst schon ein paar schöne Ecken finden. ;D

    1. Danke <3 Ich freu mich schon tierisch~
      Dieses Jahr kommen auch echt alle, die ich schon immer mal sehen wollte xD