Mar 24, 2014

Fabric Fair Ludwigsburg~

Hello sweeties <3

I am so sorry for not posting the last week but a colleague told me about an amazing series and I was watching it ever since *hahaha* But yesterday I took a break from the show and went to the fabrics market in Ludwigsburg with some friends. And I actually only wanted to look around as I haven't touched my sewing machine for quite a while...but than my friend Nessie inspired me again to do some sewing :3 Here is what I got~

The fabric was just too cute to leave it :3 I will probably do a rug for my table with the strawberry one in the middle. The polkadot one will turn into a pouch...maybe...and the patchwork-like one has to wait for my decision XD

The fabrics close up :3 I really love them...and as they were leftovers they only were 3 EUR each ^^b

Also couldn't leave those headbands *^* They are so fluffy and soft and cute as hell <3

After the market we were frozen to death and went back to Nessies place to have the cutest, most delicious vegan Cupcakes and Apfelstrudel *om nom nom* but before we reached the warmth of her home we had to stop at the fleamarket that was held on that day also :3 And there was one thing I just couldn't pass by *O*

It is etagere made of a tea set *O* I think it is a really great idea to use old tablewear to create something like this <3 And again it has roses xD

I love it so grandpa has tablewear like that at home so everytime I look at the etagere I also think about him :3

This is what I wore that day~

Hope you have a great start into this week <3



  1. Aww~ das sind wirklich wunderschöne Stoffe ^3^
    Wenn ich etwas geschickter im Nähen wäre, dann hätte ich mir die wahrscheinlich auch gekauft haha XD
    Ich hoffe, dass du uns hier zeigen wirst, was du daraus machst ;)

    Und die Haargummi's !! So kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ~kya ^0^

    Dein Outfit gefällt mir auch wieder sehr. Du siehst echt süß aus^^ Ich liebe ja rosa und dann dieses hübsche blau. Einfach traumhaft!

    Lieben Gruß,
    deine Jade

    1. Ich finde sie auch echt toll *-* Und für den kleinen Preis mussten sie mit :3
      Ach, ich hab auch zwei linke Hände was das Nähen angeht aber ich mach es trotzdem xD

      Danke <3


  2. Your outfit is gorgeous! And those pom poms are adorable, I can't wait to see what you'll make with all those wonderful fabrics!~ :')

  3. Die Etagere ist wirklich extrem süß. :3
    Und schönen Stoff hast du da ergattert.