Mar 10, 2014

I am wearing a bowtie now! Bowties are cool~

Hello sweeties <3

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty great actually~ On Saturday I met some fellow Whovians and bought myself a Sonic Screwdriver that is actually a real screwdriver and on Sunday I took a walk in the sun with a friend - yay, it is finally warmer again and the sun graces us all with her presence :3

Here is the outfit I wore for the Whovian Meet-Up. I tried to incorporate the Tardis blue in my outfit and as I am not a big fan of sandshoes, I mean converse on myself I wore the 11th Doctor's trademark clothing...and no, I don't mean the Fez that was killed pretty fast after its introduction ;) But have a look~


The weather was so great the whole weekend *-* I hope it stays that way for a while~ :3

Hope you had a great start into this week <3

Have a nice evening~



  1. Der Screwdriver ist cool! Den hab ich auch meinem Freund geschenkt, haha ^^
    Du siehst toll aus!

    1. Der ist episch *-* Leider isses nicht der von meinem liebstenh Doktor xD
      Danke ^/////^ <3

  2. This is a super cute outfit. I just love the polka dots!

  3. Gibts den gepunkteten Einteiler aktuell bei H&M oder ist das aus einer alten kollektion? Der sieht toll aus und natürlich auch <3

    1. Also den Einteiler habe ich gerade erst am WE gekauft :3 In Stuggi im H&M gabs den auch noch mehrmals ^^

      Danke <3

  4. In love with your bowtie and now I wonder if it would match my style too. A lovely outfit on you as well :) The romper is so cute :)
    Lara Lizard

    1. Thank you <3

      I think Bowties match many styles :3 And the Doctor is wearing they gotta be cool ^o^