Mar 14, 2014

Symphony of the Vampire

Hello sweeties <3

I can't believe that I haven't yet posted about Kamijo's new Minialbum did that happen? Even though I already received the CD 1 week ago...maybe I was just to engulfed in the music *haha* I really love how he made a story out of all the videos, telling us more about how Louis became a Vampire ^^ I think he really did a great job and the music is really great as usual...I would say it is typical Kamijo - I wasn't too surprised here ;) Still there were some rather unexpected pieces like Dying Table *points down*

Sonata is pure love...well, each and every song on the album is epic but at the moment I am totally into Sonata <3

Did you also get Kamijo's new Minialbum? What did you think?

Have a nice day <3



  1. Hallo ^^

    Also du kannst jetzt gerne sagen, ich wohne hinter dem Mond, aber ich kenne Kamijo gar nicht >.<
    Aber ich steh auf solche Musik :3 Und du hast es zu verschulden, dass du mich auf den Geschmack gebracht hast!!! XD

    Lieben Gruss,
    deine Jade

    1. Ach, nur weil ich Kamijo so vergöttere, muss ihn nicht jeder kennen xD

      Und daran bin ich gern Schuld :P Kamijo ist einfach toll *O*