Mar 4, 2014

The wonders of Line Camera

Hello sweeties <3

Yep~ I promised I would post more often from now here is the 2nd post in one day. Even though it is only a short post ^^" But I recently discovered the wonders of LineCamera. This is an App for Smartphones which is connected to the Line Messenger which is really famous in Japan. I recently discovered that there are many gimmicks surrounding this messenger, the one I like the most at the moment is the Camera ^.^~★ And just yesterday I discovered the magic photoshoplike features and I really love those...even though it is a bit creepy to see how in only 1-2 minutes you can transform a picture this much ^^"

 Of course you also have the options to put stickers and everything on your picture but there are many other Apps that can do the same...I am really impressed with the "beauty"-feature...and well, as I said a little creeped out as well because changing the left pic to the right pic only took me 1 minute O.O No blemishes, bigger eyes and a smaller face in only 1 minute *hahaha*

As I said, I really like to play with this app and change pictures but on  the other hand most of the time I like to keep my pictures as "natural" as possible because even though I can make myself look flawless on pics I know that in real life I still have those blemishes...sadly but hey, nobody is perfect, right? Except maybe Kamijo xDDD

What do you think about those kind of Apps? 

Have a nice evening~



  1. Ich hab auch Line Camera und finde sie super :3 Ist manchmal eine unterhaltsame Beschäftigung auf langweiligen Zugfahrten und auch einfach mal so, um Bilder etwas interessanter zu gestalten.

    1. Ich spiel auch voll gern damit rum...besonders die Sticker sind voll lustig xD
      aber am meisten spiel ich gerade mit der beauty option rum xD

  2. Definitely sounds like a cool thing to play around with!