Apr 11, 2014

Take your Unicorn and travel to a never seen place...

Hello sweeties <3

As I told you in my last post we visited the Steiff museum and had a little photoshoot there ^^ Although it is pretty far away from any bigger city it is worth your while to go there. Everything is sooo cute and you don't get bored listening to the story how the "Knopf im Ohr"-brand was created.

These are the first impressions from the museum and the photoshoot :3

This was at the end of the guided tour. It was a room filled with teddy bears (who as I know now are named after Teddy Roosevelt). There were trinkets and pieces from many different countries and the little teddy bears have been travelled all around the world. Such a cute idea and absolutely magical <3

I will probably go there again in the future as it is a really nice place to visit ^o^

Blacklight and my new ride to Wonderland xD

Creating a new cute and pastelly world...inspired by the work of Michelangelo ;)

Thanks to Chris Helmholz for the great pictures <3 I hope I can show you more pictures in future posts ^o^

Have anice Friday and a good start into the weekend~



  1. Replies
    1. Danke <3 Das Kompliment kann ich nur zurück geben :)

  2. Ihr seht so hübsch aus :3 schade das ich nicht mitkonnte T.T

    1. Danke <3 Es war ein echt tolles Treffen~ War aber echt schade, dass du net dabei warst~

  3. Toooll. :3 Ich würde auch gerne da hin. Eins meiner ersten Kuscheltiere war ein Bär von Steiff und er hieß Toldy. x3
    Aber wie cool ist denn bitte, dass man auf dem Einhorn reiten kann? <3

    1. Höhö, es iste cht toll dort :3 Und man kann so viel Zeit da verbringen mit Fotos machen und allem Möglichen *hach* Vielleicht hast du ja mal die Möglichkeit ins Schwabenland zu kommen ;)