Jun 8, 2012

Meeting an old friend ;)

Hello sweeties <3

How are you? Sorry for not blogging for a rather long time but to be honest there was not really something blogworthy that happened during the past two weeks. Well I went too visit my friends in Erlangen last week but other than eating and talking and eating again we didn't do that much ^^" But I still have some pictures for you ;)

I met the Sandman from my childhood...not the creepy one who comes into your dreams and gives you nightmares. well~ for me the "GDR-Sandman" is the only real one *hahaha*
That makes me feel all nostalgic :3 I really loved to watch it when I was small...I also kinda hated it because watching it meant that I had to go to bed short after xD
Here is one outfit I wore during that weekend that I really like...I decided I would go without Lolita for that weekend just because I was to lazy to bring all the stuff with me ^^" I kinda regretted it at one point but well...decided it didn't matter and that I could still have fun without being all dressed up *hahaha*
I think most of the stuff I am wearing is from H&M ^^" I love that store atm...and I love those shoes so much...they may not look like it but they are super comfy *_*
I kinda like that picture of myself...don't ask me why...maybe it is the shoes xDDD I also love the dress...I think it is really gorgeous...when I saw it in the store I didn't really like it and thought it looked like some curtains but after trying it on I totally fell in love :3
If you ever visit Erlangen you have to eat at Hiro Japanese Food there :) The Udon were awesome <3
Well~ that was last weekend for me...realized how much I miss my friends and how much I want to be with them but at the same time noticed that I can't keep on living in the past and clinging to memories...although I still love all my friends and don't wanna miss them in my life, me living so far away from them now definitely changed some of my relationships...but I think this is also a good opportunity for me to change myself and get one step closer to the person I want to be *hehehe* Except from this insight I also decided I definitely will celebrate my birthday in Japan next year *hr hr hr* Wish me luck on that plan ;)

Thanks for reading my random outpouring~ m(_._)m

Love and Kisses <3


  1. Meh~ und ich hab zu der zeit noch irgendwo in hessen rummgegammelt T_____T aber nächstes wochenende ENDLICH ~ ich hab das gefühl ich verpass dich ständig xD

    1. Warum hast du auch ständig Exkursionen? ;) Nächstes WE klappts dann *har har har* Bin ja schon gespannt wie die Feier am Samstag wird *hihi*

  2. das frag ich mich auch T_T aber ich hab ja noch 2 vor mir ~ wobei ich bei der einen einen kleinen abstecher nach Prag machen darf 8D

    ich bin auch gespannt xD ... und vor allem *hust* bezüglich hin und rückfahrt