Jun 9, 2012

Cute and Casual

Hello my sweeties <3

How are you? ^.^
 Pullover: Asos (fell in love with that shop *O*) - Shorts/Shoes/Tights/Headband: H&M
(btw. I like my legs in those pictures...oh blurry phone-cam how I love thee xDD)
Here is what I wore yesterday :3 Didn't do much through the day but felt like dressing cutely *hehehe* Well on Thursday I went home to my parents place to celebrate my moms 50th birthday that is actually today but as I had to travel 7 hours to get home I thought I could stay some days longer than just one day *hahaha*

Now you might think "What the hell? Wasn't she supposed to be a Lolita? Where are the Lolita-Coords?" Well, I still am a Lolita, I still wear my dresses but I can't wear them as often as I would like to wear them anymore. Due to work I have to dress down...and on weekends I often don't do anything special that justifies me getting all dressed up...but actually I don't mind that...that way Lolita will stay something special for me that I can look forward too *hehehe* <--- does that make any sense now? xD"

Aaaaaand I also bought some new stuff lately...for example the pullover I am wearing :3 Actually when I ordered it I thought it was a cardigan that I could also wear with my Lolita stuff...buuuut it wasn't...I still think it is cute though *hehe*

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The shoes and dress are both from H&M ^^ I think the dress is really versatile, I can wear it toned down for work and also more flashy with a colorful cardigan to go out with friends ^.^ I also bought the dress in beige because I liked it so much :3 The shoes also only were 12 Euro so I had to get them *fufufu*

Click on the images to get to the source. 
Those shoes are also from H&M ^^" Who would have guesses~ Although they are pretty high they are really comfy...I think they would also look great with I only need a royal blue dress ^^" The cardigan is from Asos and has pearls on it *_* Isn't it cute? You can detach the colar so that it doesn't look that wintery :)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day <3

Love and Kisses~


  1. Das mag ich sehr. Total süß <3 Und es muss ja nicht jeden Tag Lolita sein, süße Zwischenlösungen bringen auch Abwechslung ^^

    1. Danke ^^ Ich mags auch abwechslungsreich...solange es immer was süßes hat :3

  2. awww der Pulli ist ja süß *_*
    und die blauen schuhe und den cardi find ich ja auch toll NEED MONEY

    1. Der pulli war liebe auf den ersten blick :3 und endlich hab ich nen roten Cardi xD

  3. Replies
    1. Danke ^^ Leider war es einer der letzten...hatte Glück, dass ich ihn noch ergattern konnte *har har har*