May 23, 2012

Fleeting Moments...

Hello my sweeties <3

Wohoooo~ work didn't eat me up...yet xD and I can post about my Saturday ^o^ As May 14th was my Birthday and Mondays are bad for really celebrating I decided I invite some friends to come to Stuttgart to celebrate and do some on Saturday we finally went to Stuttgart together (after my friends drove 3 hours by train...thank you so much <3). But before we came to the cultural part, we had a little snack...I had Sushi after a waaaaay to long time wothout *sighs* After that we went to the Staatsgalerie to see the exhibition called "Turner, Monet, Twombly", that was kind of a timeline/development of impressionist/expressionist art...sort-of-thing xD But I have to say I am not gonna be a fan of Twombly ^^" The Monet and Turner-Part was really great though but I already knew that before because I really love both artists <3
William Turner - Rain, Steam and Speed (1844) - source:

After the exhibition we went to a cafe at the Königsbau near the castle in Stuttgart. The surroundings were really great but the cakes were rather mediocre and the waitress was to put it, not as competent as we would have wished for ^^"
Petit Four...they looked cute but the taste was mediocre...the last Petit Four I ate definitely were better ^^"
Later we took some pictures in front of the castle, sat in the park and chatted and after that did some shopping...I bought a book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon called Marina. He is a really great author...and I seriousely need to make a post dedicated to him *fufufu*
Koo-chan, Emilielynn and moi :3
Weird face X.x But I really like that dress...little different from usual cause it is not entirely pastel colors xD
The new bag that I got for my Birthday (from AP)...soooo cute :3
 At around 6:30 pm the others had to leave for Franconia again *sad* and I also went home.

And here for the (un-)interested...the presents I got :3
Dinnerware matching my curtains (xD) from my parents, Chai and the most awesome bouquet from a collegue, awesome card from a friend in Berlin <3
Shimmering Bodypowder and the book are presents to myself *hehe*, Rilakuma-Charm from Koo-chan, AP-Bag and Voucher for Earpiercings from my dear Lolita-friends <3, Tea and Voucher for first Season of Game of Thrones from my "family" in Erlangen :3
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
The powder can be used on the body and hair. It is from L'Occitane <3 Maybe I'll do a review about that shop later ^^
Cuteeeee <3 Now I only need to find a way to put that charm on my mobile xDDD
I hope you had an awesome weekend as well ^.^

Take care~
Lots of kisses :3


  1. Replies
    1. Na hoffentlich seh ich danach net nach Lametta aus XD Aber des is ja da Puder of OSSUMNESS *har har har*

  2. du wolltest dir doch auch mal ne rilakkuma hülle holen =) teuer sind die ja nicht und an die kann man wenigstens anhänger machen ... frag mich warum die meisten smartphones sowas nicht mehr besitzen -.-

    und: *_* matching charms ngahahaha ... xD wenigstens ist er auch noch nützlich ~ es ist besser als immer mitm ärmel über den display zu fahren xDDDD

    Samstag war toll ... xD über sonntag möchte ich nicht reden ... mein sonnenbrand spricht da bände -.-*

    1. Japp~ will ich auch immer noch...aber irgendwie kommt immer was dazwischen xDDD Und das frag ich mich auch >.< ist doch doof wo es doch so viele schöne Anhänger gibt...

      <3 <3 Jaharharhar~ und Korilakkuma ist eh waaaaaiiiii *_*

      Man sollte sich immer fern der Sonne bewegen so weit das eben geht xD