May 27, 2012

Fate and Betrayel

Hello Sweeties <3

Again I have two anime that I want to recommend to you ;) Hope you don't mind that I am posting so much anime-related stuff recently *hehe*
1. Fate Zero

Prequel to Fate/Stay Night. It shows what events led to the fight in Fate/Stay Night. This time without the annoying character of Emiya-kun...instead the focus is on his adoptive father Kiritsugu...I like him far better xD and Saber is so awesome <3
2. Betrayel knows my name

Well demons and angels, fight over the world, reincarnation...nothing to new but it is put together nicely and the Bishonen-factor is rather high *hehe* Worth a watch if you ask me ^^

Hope you will have a look at those two anime :)

Love and Kisses :3

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