Jun 10, 2013

May Favourites

Hello sweeties <3

I know, I is already well into June but I still want to show you my May favourites ;) So, here we go~
1. Diadermine Wrinkle Expert 3D Night Creme - Well, as I am not turning younger I thought it was time to start with this kind of cream. Really moisturizes the skin and smoothens your skin ^^b
2. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Correcting Powder in Creamy Natural - Still loving it as it covers blemishes and makes your face look refined :)
3. Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer - Great Concealer, I use it for the nose and chin area and it does wonders~
4. Instant Anti-Age Effect "The Eraser" - Another concealer that I use under the eye to cover dark circles.

5. Sleek Oh, so special!- and Lagoon-Pallet - my goto-pallets this month. The pigmentation and colors are really awesome. You can find a review on our beauty blog :)
6. Multi Color Blush in Strawberry Frappuccino by Catrice - Still loving this one to pieces <3 Great for everyday use~
7. Benefit Bella Bamba blush - LOVE IT! Awesome color, awesome pigmentation...but not for everyday use although I wore it to work this month xD

8. Sweet Recipe Baby Chou Makeup Base from Etude House - Holy Grail! Even without foundation over it your skin looks so much betterv with this base alone <3
9. Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter from Etude House - I never used highlighter that much but this made me change my mind. Gorgeous color~ I love Etude House ;)

10. Alverde Setting Spray - I was looking for a not to expensive setting spray for a really long time and found this. Love it!
11. P2 Keratin nail polish - I don't know if it really helps my nails but I love to use it everyday to make my nails look more refined :)
12. Maybelline Falsies "Federlook" - Really love it as it makes your lashes thicker and longer *_* It also doesn't clump on me ^^b

What were your favourites in May?

Have a nice start into this week~



  1. I'm thinking about getting the baby choux by Etude House for a half year now... I think I'll purchase it after reading your impression on this ♡

    1. Yesh~ get it <3 It also smells really nice :3