Jun 19, 2013

Summer OOTD and MUA

Hello sweeties <3

It is another awesome summer day and I have to sit in the office T^T Anyways, in the evening I will go to a Korean restaurant with my colleagues and thus I decided to dress a little bit fancy today  ^o^

Skirt: H&M - Camisole: J.Honeys - Top: J.Honeys - Shoes: H&M

Herp-Derp-Me xD As it is pretty hot outside and I tend to really sweat under my bangs I clip them away for work x"D Also I didn't use that much Make-Up so that my skin can still breathe in this heat~

For this light makeup I tried out the new things I received from MUA just yesterday *points down*

This was my first order with MUA and I have to say they delivered really fast ^^v As there was a special deal on the homepage were you got a nailpolish and a Plumping Lipgloss for free if you bought something over 20 Pounds I had to take that offer...I am a sucker for special deals. Check out their website because they often have deals like that :) I bought two Power Pout Lipsticks, one face primer, the Artiste Collection Pallet everyone is raving about and of course my free nailpolish and Lipgloss :3

As you can see the Power Pout Lipsticks do look a lot like the Chubby Sticks from Clinique. And other than the Chubby Sticks they totally smell like mint, that I think will be perfect for summer as it gives a cooling effect (even though it probably is only in my mind ^^"). Compared to the Clinique colors those are more moist. The color payoff is kinda the same though. I can't tell much about the lasting power as I want to test the thouroughly first ;) I bought the colors Irreplaceable and Rendezvous~

 Undress your skin face primer...well, this was kinda a let-down. I couldn't even try it out as the pump isn't working properly x.X Well, on the homepage it says that even without using foundation it will make your skin look better...need to fix the pump first and try that out later xD This was the product I was most excited about and now it won't even work for me *sobs*

I heard so many things about this pallet and have to say for the price of 6 Pounds is really great. The colors are really nice, well, the pigmentation can't be compared to Urban Decay or Sleek but it is okay nonetheless. They are perfect for a light summer makeup ^^b

The eyeshadows from left to right. My camera hates me today...only made blurry pictures of those swatches *meh* But you can see how the shadows look on the skin ^^

The second row with the two blushes, bronzer and highlighter - you don't really see much of the highlighter though XD

All in all it is a nice pallet for beginners at it has lighter colors and isn't to expensive and you also get blushes, bronzer and highlighter ^^b

I would definitely buy at MUA again. What do you think? Do you already have experience with MUA? Do you like them?

And as a special bonus *dances around*

Have a very nice and sunny afternoon my dearies <3



  1. I love "Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham" ♥ - the song is very sexy ♥

    1. It is indeed :) I can't get enough of those Bollywood movies~