Feb 22, 2014

Best Day Ever *^*

Hello sweeties <3

Lately I am kinda neglecting my blog - I am sorry for that but I try to be better from now on :3 Anyways, just wanna do a quick update on my fangirl-status. The pictures from the concert are finally here and I want to show the tom you. As I love dear Nezumis pictures so much I am also sharing those...she is soooooo cute and I love the picture with her and Teru *ngaaaaaaaaaahhhh* *^*

I was so stunned meeting them...actually I wanted to make the heart sign with my hands and actually I wanted to ask them if we can do it together but walking up to them my mind went blank and I could only say that we named a star after them and that we love P-suke...*hahaha*

 I cannot say how much I love the band and expecially ZIN *^* At the moment he is on one level with Kamijo for me <3 <3 <3 He has such a unique and beautiful voice *sighs* And I love that picture...I am a goodlooking accessory, right? XD

6 of the most ossum people in the world *^*

*O* So much love in one picture...Can't handle the awesomeness <3


 I am still so happy about the pictures <3 <3 <3 

Hope you have an awesome start into the weekend ^O^



  1. Hello :)
    I discovered your blog in Beauty correspondant group and it look so nice!
    And I don't know Jupiter but I will go to listen there songs!! *^*