Feb 11, 2014

Jupiter - Blessing ★ Glory ★ Wisdom

Hello sweeties <3

I am literally starting to write this post for the third time already and I absolutely can't find the right words for one of the greatest experiences in my life. I would never have thought it possible but the Jupiter concert on Friday was an experience that somewhat changed my life...well, changed it might just be me being overly fangirly but at least it gave me a nudge in the direction I want my life to go from now on ;) I met so many great people at the concert...and I am not only talking about the band here ;) But lets start from the beginning *haha*

After me and my dearest Nezumi got ready for the concert at our hostel we went to the venue around 2 hours before the entry and there met two girls who also came from Stuttgart. We chatted a bit, had some snacks *thanks again girls* and met more new people while it started to rain. After a pretty long time of waiting in the rain we could finally enter the venue 3 hours before the actual concert as we had VIP tickets ^^v The first thing we did was to storm the merchandise booth and get some chekis, t-shirts and other trinkets. 

Not the outfit I wore during the concert but the T-Shirt and Wristband I bought in action ;) I also bought a hoodie :3 *points down*

After that we took our place in the first row and waited for the Q&A to start. There the questions we sent in beforehand were read out and we learned which perfume the guys are wearing and that according to Masashi P-suke is a big cat that "only" weighs 13 kg now ;D Also after being asked if they had pets Zin said, that he had none and than asked if someone from the audience wants to be his pet. My arm was up in the air pretty fast...but Hizaki was faster and so Zin got his new pet *hihi* I also loved Zins answer to the question if he could choose a magic power which would it be? He said, that he wanted to be a giant so he can eat all the german sausages *hahaha* I love him even more after that :3
poster we received from Teru after the shoot with the group :)
When all the questions were asked the most exciting part started - the photo session with the band and the favourite members. I was so excited and to be honest I can't really remember everything because everything went by in a blur. I just remember stepping up to the guys, handing them the presents. For Masashi me and Nezumi made a P-suke poster, I also wrote a card in Japanese and gave them chocolate. But our most special present was a star for our favourite band *^* It was Nezumi's awesome idea - I really hope the guys liked it :3 After I stumbled over my words - at least something came out in Japanese - I was placed between Zin and Hizaki and I think the picture was taken...I seriousely can't remember if I did anything or if I was just standing there in awe of those beautiful people x"D After the groupshots were over we had to line up for the single shots with our favourite member and of course I chose Zin <3 I was a little bit disappointed that only 3 other people wanted a pic with him T^T I was the very first to take a picture with him and I was totally stunned because he is so gorgeous. When I came up to him he took my hands and said "Dankeschön" that gave me the final blow and I was to shocked to think of a decent pose @_@ LOVE YOU ZIN!!!! 

Latest fangirl craving #1 - Bleu de Chanel (Masashis perfume) [pic taken from here]
Latest fangirl craving #2 - Rose Essentielle from Bvlgari (Hizakis perfume) [pic taken from here]
At around 19:30 finally all the pictures for the VIP and Premium ticket owners were taken and the regular ticket owners were let into the venue. The concert started short after and it was just plain A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! As I mentioned we were standing in the first row, there was no barrier between the stage and the fans and thus we were able to enjoy the guys even more up close *^* We were standing on the rigt side and thus were pretty close to Hizaki. I have to admit that at the beginning I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to be where Zin is but Hizaki's performance was so so so out of this world *sighs* He was performing so much that 3 or 4 times we were really afraid that he would hurt himself ^^" But all went well - he is such an awesome artist I just can't put it into words. Also my beloved Zin did a really great job - the chemistry he has with the other members is brilliant. And although he was really nervous as this was his first time in Europe he rocked so much *^* His interaction with Hizaki is just too cute *swoons*
Chekis from all the members...well, Teru is missing as all his Chekis were sold out by than T^T But hey, I got one of his Plecs *ngahahaha* Like this is o whooooaaaaa *^* And ZIN is so pretty <3 <3 <3
All in all I have to say that even though they played 2 hours it felt like only seconds after the concert. It was over so fast - and it was the first time that I cried after a concert. The whole experience was so overwhelming...even now I can't properly put it into words *sighs* I probably forgot to write about half of the things that happened...and my English today also is out of this world...but probably in a pretty bad way *ahahaha*

Last but not least my OOTD for the concert :3
 Flash makes us look soooo pale *hahaha*
Beret+Blouse: Metamorphose
Boots: Bodyline (before the concert I fell down pretty hard and thus kinda destroyed the boots *hahaha*)
Tights: H&M
Belt: 1EUR store
Roses: Claire's

What was your greatest concert experience ever? 

Have a nice evening <3



  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I just love your hair - gorgeous!

    1. It was awesome *O* I wanted it to never end but it did T^T

  2. greatest concert-experience? JUPITER! JUPITER JUPITER JUPITER!

    God I literally just can't stand to wait for them any longer ^^" TERUUUUUUU~

    1. Okay, I mean greatest experience evar *^* Like I also want them back RIGHT THIS MOMENT!


    2. ... Doesn't make any difference XD JUPITER!

  3. Cute looks! You look lovely. It's wonderful you enjoyed the concert.

    1. Thank you :3 The concert was the most awesoem experience I ever had *_*