Feb 19, 2014

BTSSB + Disneys Snow White

Hello sweeties <3

Actually I wanted to write a book review that is already waiting for me 2 weeks but than I stumbled across Lady Atropas Blogpost of a new print by Baby the Stars shine bright and all plans were forgotten xD Now I want to talk about the print instead *hahaha* As the title suggests this print is a collaboration with Disney as they used the original artwork from the movie which I dearly love *^* Although I have to say that Belle is my favourite princess Snow White (with Aurora) comes at a close second. So I am really stoked about that print :3
 The print comes in 4 colorways. And contrary to what I usually like I don't really like the pink version XD I love ivory and black because it suits the theme pretty well. The dark blue one is nice as well but not to different to the black so it doesn't really count *hahaha*

 There are two JSK versions and as I am a sucker for lacing in the front my favourite is the right version. I also love the ruffles in the front, they remind me of My first Soiree :3 Just love that style. Not to fond of the left JSK because it has too many bows in the front *ahahaha*

Onepiece and Skirt - Don't like the dress to much and well, the skirt is cute but I am no skirt person when it comes to Lolita xD

Unfortunately - as always with collaboration items - they are only sold in Japan *sighs* But maybe some of you know someone in Japan and are lucky to get one of the items ;) I am a little sad and also relieved that you can only get the print in Japan as my wallet is already screaming STOP! x"D

So, what do you think about the print? And what is your favourite Disney princess? Which one would you love to see on a dress?

Have a nice day <3



  1. Huhu ;D

    Also ich liebe Snow White ja auch total *_*
    Das Kleid mit dem hellerem Print wuerde mir sehr gut gefallen :D Aber ich werde es wohl nicht kaufen, da ich gar nicht wuesste wann ich sowas anziehen soll XD

    Jade *knuff dich*

    1. Ich werd mich auch zurückhalten und keinen Shopping Service in Japan beauftragen XD Ich hab soooo viele Kleider und sooooooo wenig Zeit die auszuführen xD

      Wie lang bleibst du eigentlich in Japan? *neugier*

      *zurück knuddel*

  2. Könntest ja einen ss benutzen :3 aber das der Geldbeutel Nein sagt Kenn ich dx

    1. Lieber net xD Mein Geldbeutel killt mich sonst XD