Nov 12, 2013

Haul - Catrice Arts Collection, Alverde Waldgeflüster, P2 Mirror Mirror

Hello sweeties <3

I've got the feeling that I haven't done a beauty haul in what feels like ages. I did buy many things since my last haul post but never got around to post it in time BUT with the gorgeous LEs that came out this month I could just not post about it *haha* ;)

I apologize for the quality of the pictures but as most of the time I don't come home before 6 pm I have to take the pics with artificial lighting and so far I haven't gotten the hang of that ^^"

Catrice Arts Collection LE Baroque and Art Deco Palette. I got one pallet twice as I was thinking about doing a giveaway in the near future ;) So stay tuned :3 Also I have not yet swatched the eyeshadows as I don't want to "destroy" them. But what I can see so far is pretty nice. T think you can do many different makeups with these pallets...and they are also gorgeous to look at *haha*

Alverda Waldgeflüster LE Blush in Blühender Ahorn - It is a really nice autumn blush...but what sucked me in was the cute packaging. I only swatched it once so far and I think it fares pretty well but I have yet to test it on my face ;)
P2 Mirror Mirror LE Blush Stick in brilliant - I actually never wanted to try something like that again but the color just sucked me in ^^" It is a really nice rose gold with shimmer and tiny glitter in it. As with the Alverde Blush I have yet to test it out on my face :)
P2 Mirror Mirror LE Illuminiating Fluid - I srsly don't know why I bought that...maybe it said shimmering on the package *haha* I will see how it looks on my skin though :)
Catrice Arts Collection Nailpolishes matching teh above pallets - well, the colors are great and the polishes are rather opaque...I forgot to take pics ^^" But after only one day they had a great amount of tipwear...but for the price I think they are pretty okay :)

Alverda Blush and Blush Stick from far so good XD

P2 Mirror Mirror Nail polishes in sensual purple and golden glow - Really nice colors and the quality is slightly better than the catrice ones but they still show tipwear pretty fast ^^"
Yankee Candles Season of peace abd Vanilla Chai - Winter is coming and this is the season for candles *_* Love Yankee Candles and those particular scents already get me in the mood for Christmas :3

Essence 24h hand protection balm in Banana Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Dark Chocolate - I promised myself I wouldn't buy any new hand cremes this winter...look what happened xD They just smell too delicious *_*

Did you get anything from the latest LEs? If you are not from Germany, what products are the hype in your country at the moment?

Have a nice evening~



  1. Ooh, these little sets look so so pretty! What lovely colours.

    1. They are gorgeous...honestly I didn't care about the pigmentation so much I just was sucked in by the design *hahaha*